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Letter: Anti-gay agenda

The “save the gays” rhetoric of Pastor Brian Fuller (Monitor Opinion page, June 29) and Melissa May (Monitor letter, July 18) is just a smoke-screen for the real agenda: reducing homosexuals to pariahs, without equal protection or equal opportunity. Consider what certain African countries want to do to homosexuals, with visiting American fundamentalist preachers cheering them on.

By contrast, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, bless him, recently compared the battle against homophobia in Africa to that against apartheid. He also said he would prefer hell to a homophobic heaven.

Edward Jaworski of Concord had to reach back to 19th-century England to counter the charge that fundamentalists are generally on the “No” side of civil rights and social justice (“In defense of fundamentalism and the supreme standard,” Monitor Opinion page, July 11).

Melissa May says friends don’t let friends go to hell. I can’t imagine she has many gay friends – with friends like that, who needs enemies?



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