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Letter: Zimmerman didn’t stop at ‘watching’

A recent letter to the editor lauded the efforts of George Zimmerman as a neighborhood watchman (“Zimmerman was working for the good of his community,” Monitor, July 22). I strongly disagree with the letter writer.

If Zimmerman had been a “watch” person and listened to the police dispatcher to not approach Treyvon Martin, there would have been a much different outcome.

Instead, he chose to confront the youngster, likely hoping to be seen as a hero. Had he waited for the police as instructed, Martin would likely still be enjoying his summer vacation. Zimmerman did not “watch and report”; he became a self-appointed vigilante who took the law into his own hands. Is that the kind of system we really want?

Another question: If Martin, in his threatened and fearful state, had wrestled the gun away from Zimmmerman and shot him instead, what do you suppose the outcome would have been?



Legacy Comments2

If I had seen something going on in my neighborhood, I would probably attempt to intervene as well. GZ was under no obligation to 'listen' to instructions from the police dispatcher. What is failed to be understood here... the police have no obligation to protect before a crime is committed. Honestly with today's climate and the threshold of a police state, I'm less inclined to trust the police.

Linda, Linda, Linda....let it go already. It is over and done with. End of story.

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