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Letter: Agent 29

I want to praise the Monitor for its July 30 editorial on involuntary part-time workers. This is a huge problem in New Hampshire and throughout the United States. The economy isn’t good when 77 percent of all jobs created are now part-time.

The Monitor tried to skate over the root cause of the transition of full-time jobs to part-time jobs but did give an example of hour-cutting at community colleges as being the direct result of Obamacare.

If you can only find jobs that are 29 hours per week or less, you can blame Obamacare and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen. Shaheen’s reckless decision to vote for a bill she did not read was the deciding vote that forced Obamacare down our throats. If Shaheen voted for her constituents and not her party, we would not have this train wreck known as Obamacare.

If your work hours used to be a normal shift five days a week, but now you find yourself working the late shift Saturday night and the early shift Sunday morning just to get enough money to survive, you can blame Shaheen. Shaheen has earned the moniker “Agent 29” because her reckless vote was the agent that delivered the transformation of the 40-hour work week to the 29-hour work week. We need to get smart and vote for candidates like Jim Rubens who will vote for New Hampshire before his party.



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Easy to find examples showing ObamaKare as the train wreck that it is:

On a more serious note here, let's simplify the issue. The Affordable Care Act is the first serious attempt to get people insured, maybe not the best but a start. So it is your position (the 3 of you) that we would be better off by having businesses not provide benefits/health insurance? Is this really your position? Today a person would need to earn $6.25/hr just to pay for health insurance, well minimum wage is just $7.25/hr. Can you do the math? The average cost for a maternity stay of 2 days at Concord Hospital is roughly $12,000. So lets make abortions harder to get as well. All these people that can't afford or don't want health insurance because they are bullet proof get their health care thanks to those of us that are fortunate to have it and regular taxpayers as well. This is the system you want, are you sure. Apple Computer manufactures almost everything in Asia paying sweat shop wages, but their stock just hit $500. Imagine if they payed a living wage, their investors may have to sell their house in the Hampton's. So I ask, do you have an answer or is all you can do point at President Obama and say it's your fault that business's don't give a rats butt about the American people besides their investors? Well - talk is cheap - your answer is........

Don't hold your breath waiting for a rational answer. It's all Obama, all the time in the alternate universe they inhabit.

I seen that democrat talking point from Tillie. It is so quick how much complaining you libs did when Bush was president. When Unemployment was 4.5% when gas was a $1.85 per gallon when the Debt was 10 Trillion or less. When full time jobs out numbered part time jobs. When America was more popular and respected around the world. When a president stood up to radical Islam and didn't coddle radical Islam like Obama. My universe is reality I have no Idea what distorted universe you live in.

VAN I worked since 1980 (when my kids went to school full time) in Burger King, Macs, Zayre's, Ames and a retail store in Concord. I finally worked my way up to under management. And in all those jobs long before I ever heard of Obama when I made out the schedules I had to send a worker home if he or she got to 291/2 hrs. Even if we were swamped I was not allowed to dare let them stay because they became full time and had to have benefits(health care, overtime, sick pay etc)ch. So to me you are some Mitt Romney wannabe or don't know your arse from your elbow as my Dad would say. And this was all in NH. Our workers in MA got more per hr and we not to let NH workers know it. I am a Democrat (big D) because I have lived a real life and not just someone's blog. And by the way, in the summer of 2008 gas was 4.00 a gallon and as I remember, Bush was still President. He caused a recession, made a phony war, and didn't catch the clues of the coming 9/11 and then merrily trotted off to his ranch leaving the debris for Obama to clean up. Don't answer this, I have no respect for what you say,

Mauser1, you ask a reasonable question but your premise is way off. Minimum wage is an entry pay level to get new workers to build up their skills. If people don't build up their skills then they get stuck at that wage. A high paying job and insurance are not a right just the opportunity of getting a high paying job and insurance is. As long as you are willing to work for it and that doesn't appear to be part of the of most liberal democrat mindsets. Here is a great clip from Aston Kutcher

Perhaps you would care to comment on just how a Walmart keeps it's employees at entry level relying on turnover to avoid advancing wages. Perhaps the existence of Walmart HR instructing it's well paid employee's on how to qualify for federal assistance program because of the poverty wages they pay should be a warning sign. If it's such a great question where are the responses, as opposed to the answering a question with a question?

Not even worth a sarcastic reply - just sad in this day and age that this type of logic exists. Where are all the comments equating the fires, floods and wet summer to Obama as well. It's probably Obama's fault that teachers were mean to some of us ;) at least now we know the real culprit behind the Lindbergh kidnapping as well.

Based on when the trend toward part-time jobs accelerated, you'd be more accurate in ascribing the title "Agent 29" to GWBush, and the Great Bush Recession. "Let's take a close look at some CPS numbers on Full and Part-Time Employment. Buried near the bottom of Table A-9 of the Household Data are the numbers for Full- and Part-Time Workers, with 35-or-more hours as the arbitrary divide between the two categories. The Labor Department has been collecting this since 1968, a time when only 13.5% of US employees were part-timers. Today that number has risen to 19.6%. Here is a closer look since 2007. The reversal began in 2008, but it accelerated in the Fall of that year following the September 15th bankruptcy of Lehmann Brothers. In this seasonally adjusted data the reversal peaked in early 2010. Three-and-a-half years later the spread has narrowed a bit, but we're a long way from returning to the ratio before the Great Recession."

Adding more to my plea for you to "get real" about assigning blame for the slow recovery and the over-reliance on party-time jobs: "Senate Republicans killed a proposed $447 billion jobs bill in 2011 that would have added about 2 million jobs to the economy. They filibustered Nancy Pelosi's Prevention of Outsourcing Act, and temporarily blocked the "Small Business Jobs Act." Most recently, only one member of Congress bothered to show up for a hearing on unemployment." Read more at

Democrats also promised that ObamaKare would have created million of jobs by now - How did that work out ?

Sail you are right ObamaKare, kills jobs and a big time democrat correctly calls it a train wreck.

Bruce, you can't blame. Obama owns low paying part time jobs. This left leaning website shows Obama owns low wage part time jobs: For those of us who know how to read a graph 2002-2008 looks a lot better than 2009-present and the source of the Graph is the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Folks this is a great graph which shows the horrific direction that Obama has taken us.

Funny, the site you linked to makes no mention of Obama at all. To the contrary, it properly blames the Recession, (as do nearly all economists), global competition, lack of consumer demand (which a 2nd stimulus would have boosted), and rising income inequality--which Republicans and their tax cuts can take partial credit for. Talk about data analysis.

Bruce it was a liberal website. The graph is fact the liberal analysis is opinion. You didn't even look at the graph did you? It is clear that Obama owns low paying part time jobs. I can't believe you think a second stimulus would help when you provide zero evidence that the first stimulus helped. People go to the graph and see that Bruce is clearly wrong or doesn't care and will say anything like his mentor the Worst President ever - Barack Obama.

I can't believe we're still debating this. But here you go. 6 of 9 economic studies of the stimulus found it had a significant positive effect. Two of the studies found only minor or no effects.

Just went to your website and it proves that during Zero percent of Obama's presidency has full time jobs been more than part time jobs. Where 99% of the time during Bush's presidency full time jobs has been more than part time jobs. Thanks for proving my point. Nice job. Perhaps you might take a course in data analysis.

Thanks GWTW and Sail. All I was wondering why didn't my letter get a great big Shaheen Cartoon Head with Agent 29 written under it.

Welcome to the Obama & democrats doldrums economy where 77% of all new jobs under their rule are Part Time jobs and the lowest employment participation rate since the Carter days.

Great letter!

Great posts from the usual suspects. I particularly like the juvenile use of the K in ObamaKare. Before you all pull a muscle congratulating yourselves - Anyone can criticize something from a standpoint of ignorance, but for criticism to be worth anything you have to offer an alternative. I have never to this day saw any one offer an alternative. With Obamacare or more accurately the Affordable Care Act we HAVE protection against being refused coverage for existing medical conditions. Just what has the GOP done for anyone on this very important single issue? The answer is simple, nada, nothing, zilch. So if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Response? But alas I already know your responses, you wouldn't have an existing problem if it weren't for Obama or some other thingy.

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