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Letter: Hypocrisy

Where is the outrage? There were considerable numbers of writers willing to express outrage at George Zimmerman who shot an assailant bashing his head against the curb. Where is the outrage about the white boy viciously beaten on a Florida school bus last month? Any concern from Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP or the president? They were ready to condemn Zimmerman for self defense but have no concern for a totally innocent, unarmed boy. Seems racism in a one-way street to some people. The hypocrisy screams.



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The only reason why Zimmerman went national is that the Obama Justice Dept sent down their little know division of instigators to stir up the crowds. If any reader does not know of that FACT then google it

you will find the story in the new media. you will not find the story in the liberal media - that explains how the low information democrat voter got their name.

Actually, Jackson did speak on the subject...of course, dont expect the hypocrite news media to interview the same. Breitbart did ask him about it here.

and where are the hordes of local soc/leftists who railed about injustice over the the attack on GZ? Where is their righteous indignation now? If black on white violence is unopposed or tacitly accepted - would indicate racism is alive & well in that crowd - along as its black-on-white. Hope they think about, if even for a second, that before ever touch a keyboard again.

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