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Letter: Keep Concord’s BearCat out of Pittsfield

Re “BearCat vote postponed” (Monitor front page, Aug. 13):

Concerning the statement that the BearCat would be stored in Concord, and the operation unit’s 20-member communities would share ongoing maintenance costs, I hope Pittsfield is not one of your member communities. I can tell you right now Pittsfield is not going to contribute to such a waste of money. I really don’t know who said our town would support more government spending, more town spending. This needs to come before our town meeting before saying Pittsfield will support this increase in police spending.

Until then, Pittsfield does not support being involved with the militarization of our police. Our police are public servants, not the masters of our community.

Keep your BearCat out of our town and out of our pockets.



Legacy Comments1

Are you in government in Pittsfield that you can claim Pittsfield won't pay? It wouldn't surprise me that you are right. Chief Duval has played fast and loose with the truth throughout the BearCat issue. We're told he runs a good community police force. However, trust also comes from honest words, and these have been lacking. This is another reason not to militarize police. We need our police to be honest in word, to report incidents truthfully.

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