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Letter: In MV, a lack of transparency

Re “9 relatives hired for unposted jobs” (Monitor front page, Aug. 16):

I’m a bit surprised at Merrimack Valley School Board Chairman Tom Godfrey’s being unaware that the workers hired had relatives in the district. Besides the nine hired for these temporary positions, there are many employees related to employees in administration and at least three related to school board members, one being Godfrey.

In Godfrey’s response to one of the requests for information, he stated that “in furtherance of transparency” he was providing the information requested. But at the Aug. 12 school board meeting Godfrey announced that the board would not be discussing these requests for information in the public meeting, even though it was on their agenda for that evening. Godfrey said that instead the board would discuss this issue in a nonpublic meeting. To date, these requests for information have not been discussed in a public meeting. There may be some “Right to Know” issues here.

Godfrey has talked about transparency, but after he became chairman of the school board, he announced that the board would no longer answer questions or have discussions with the audience during its public meetings. Godfrey has also talked about being a “good” chairman. A person does not become a good member by talking about transparency or talking about ethics. A person does not become a good member by reading books on being a good member.

Finally, some could perceive Godfrey’s comments about filling these positions with only students from Merrimack Valley as being discriminatory.



(The writer is chairman of the Salisbury Board of Selectmen.)

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dont forget these wayward liberal union members at MV are alsoindoctrinating students with the dangerous IB curriculum

A very well written letter. The MV School Board is about as transparent as a Brick Wall. I wonder what else the MV School Board is keeping from students and parents. How is IB working out for you. Is MV better off because if IB or are the taxpayers getting stuck with higher taxes. When they tried to push IB on Bow Schools I read the textbooks and they were full of bias. The Chemistry Books were even full of bias. Definitely not critical thinking material. I have friends in the MV district and time to let some sunshine in. Your selectman is surely on the right track.

Bias is a subjective word. Please name the text books in question and cite the examples of alleged bias, especially in the "Chemistry Books."

Sorry for the double post.

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