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Letter: Guilty until proven innocent

I moved away from New Hampshire about 20 years ago, and I come back three or four times a year. I have watched as my home state went from a very civilized, safe place to live to a very rigid, angry place.

The lead headline in the Aug. 16 Monitor read “Police kill man amid drug sting.” Do you really want to live in a place where the police shoot suspects rather then allow them to be free until proven guilty? The next time they are dressed as gangsters and knock down a door and charge through a home with shotguns and automatic weapons, it could be the wrong address. It could be your home. Get involved. There are other ways that are more effective to deal with drug abuse.


St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Legacy Comments1

It's becoming more evident that New Hampshire is living up to it's motto "Live Free or Die". If you try to live free according to constitutional rights then the state and it's so called authoritative sector, a sector running wild with it's so called absolute and unchecked authority, will do anything it can to take that away even if it means causing a death, under the guise of justice of course. Judges express concern with the attack on the legal process when unfortunately it's the ones given the privilege of upholding it who are attacking it the most. So yes if you supposedly are being sought for a crime, supposedly charged with a crime be prepared to live a life of being guilty until proven innocent and if you question the system, who knows you may need to be prepared to have either your physical or ideological life snuffed out.

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