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Letter: Connect the gun to the source

After reading the latest crime reports involving local robberies and the Atlanta assault-weapon shooting in the school, I am left with these questions: Exactly what weapons were used and where did they come from?

In light of our concern about some gun control in this country, it is very relevant to report information about the weapons used during crimes. When you report that a man held up a store brandishing a gun, I want to know what gun it was, did he have a permit, was it stolen,or was it someone else’s.

The man in Atlanta who could have killed more children this week as he entered a school with an assault weapon and evidently had many more weapons available to him is another case where I want to know where he got those weapons and how. Every story involving a gun needs to connect the gun to its source so we can be an informed society.



Legacy Comments3

The police are not responsible for protecting us.

Gd, That is my understanding also. Most, probably would if they could but you are right-they have no responsibility to do so. Trouble is-too many people retain the magical thinking that they can/will. Next magical thought - a cell phone would scare away an assailant/rapist/murder. Can understand why the young might have this illusion but too many parents believe it also and foster the myth on the next generation. Cell phones are great for calling AAA but not personal defense.

Gary, We are all very concerned about these tragedies. also in the news, the hot dog vendor beaten with a hammer. Another man set on fire. A WWII vet beaten to death . All horrible violent crimes, weapons were used but none involved guns. We need to stand up and act against violence not just push the soc/left agenda re: weapons. Its the "thug" atmosphere pushed by the violent media/movie/game industries and tolerated by too many that proceeds these violent crimes (all cause - not just involving guns). At this point, the citizens are like defenseless prey in a corral and predators jump in at will. The police do the best they can but aren't even notified until its all over. Its obvious, despite best effort, the ability of the police to protect us is very limited. If you are not OK with this state of affairs - what do you propose?

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