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Letter: Billion-dollar giveaway

I want a president who will stop the giveaway called foreign aid which totaled $53.3 billion in 2012. How have we benefited from this big giveaway? That money should be used to help Americans at home who are in need!

Who is willing to make the commitment to end this billion-dollar giveaway? Tell Hillary Clinton to come back home with her foreign-aid checkbook; the giveaway is over !



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To those posting about voter suppression below. There is no voter suppression on the part of Republicans. None. Nada. Zero. What Republicans want is one person-one vote. We don't want people to not have to identify themselves, just one vote per person, no cheating. Democrats have been caught and do not deny purchasing alcohol for homeless people, buying meals and lecturing the recipients as they eat that meal why they should vote for Democrats, busing people to the polls and doing a sales job the whole way there. Acorn tried to cheat in elections, providing false documentation on voters. Chicago Democrats have had dead people voting for decades. Bottom line is that clean elections are elections where one person casts one vote and they are self motivated to go to the polls. If you have to organize and herd people like cattle (regardless of which party does it) to the polls, then THAT is cheating.

No it is not. You think only Republicans are able to afford a car and have a driver's license so therefore demand a drivers license for people to vote. Driving people to the polls who have no other transportation has gone on for years, especially in cities. Who knows maybe Republicans do it for seniors at the higher end retirement homes. Only a party that jammed telephone lines of firefighters would think driving people to vote is cheating.

I hope you are kidding. The Republicans have enough excuses to stop people from voting. Their ploy of using voter fraud to suppress the vote isn't working any more. In NC it has come right down to stopping students, closing voting precincts, cutting early voting. Why do only the states with Republican controlled legislatures seems to feel they have to stop people from voting? (like NH in 2011)

Are you addressing me tillie? No I am not kidding. The letter-writer identifies/implies that the President decides policy on foreign aid. Facts are, much of our foreign aid stems from agreements made many years ago, by former Houses of Congress, the Senate, and former Presidential administrations. The writer seems to think it is all about what the President decides, or that he somehow can just "give away" billions when ever he decides. The letter demonstrates a profound lack of knowledge regarding our political process andhistory. Why are people allowed to vote when they clearly have little or no understanding of the responsibilities of our elected reps? How many people who vote don't know we have 3 branches of government, or can't name them? My comment is 100% serious.

Well, on chance of being called partisan, (line up guys) I think it must be Republicans who don't know much about government and vote blindly. The is poll by Pew out that says 29% of Republicans think Obama was president in 2005 and responsible for Katrina. But of course they blame him for everything.

LOL...the Republican strongholds of Connecticut and RI have voter ID laws. BTW...NH had its highest turnout in 2012...over 70%.

First if all there was a big backlash against Republican efforts to suppress the vote. Second I am not talking about voter id, I am talking about closing voting areas, and cutting back on voting hours, early voting and student voting. What has that got to do with fraud or id? I would be ashamed to belong to a party that tries to stop people from voting when I think of how many people have died for the right to vote. How about just appealing to other people than just your base and they wouldn't have to resort to all these tricks to keep people from voting for the other party.

So now the President is responsible for foreign aid? Stuff like this shows how many voters in this country don't even know how our own government works. Sometimes I think there ought to be a qualifying exam that has to be passed before anyone is allowed to cast a ballot.

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