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Letter: Brown: Conservatives are the problem

Scott Brown thinks you’re the problem if you are a conservative.

He argued on Fox News that Republicans should cut more deals with Democrats in Washington and shouldn’t fight so much for conservative policies.

Handed a rare opportunity to fill in for Bill O’Reilly on Aug. 23, Brown chose to criticize conservatives and the Tea Party. The same Tea Party that helped elect him to the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts in 2010. The same Tea Party he abandoned while in office.

Brown camouflaged his attack as a call for GOP unity, yet he identified only conservatives as the cause of all the problems.

He can’t see why moderates like Mitt Romney and John McCain keep failing.

Brown repeated the myth that Ronald Reagan couldn’t win the support of conservatives and the Tea Party today. What a joke!

Reagan was a Tea Party leader before there was a Tea Party. Establishment moderates fought to block him at every turn, now they want to claim Reagan as their own.

Brown assumed that voters want Republicans to pass more Democrat legislation and don’t want policy contrasts or debates over policy. This assumes that more legislation is what America needs.

He endorsed Chris Christie as a “good conservative” and said Christie ought to be a “darling” to Republican conservatives. Brown called for a “Big Tent” (the insiders’ plan to make the party more liberal).

Brown, flirting with a run for Senate from New Hampshire or for president, claims a home in Rye, but his chosen residence and voting location is Massachusetts.

Brown might pretend that he is a Granite Stater, as numerous out-of-state Democratic campaign staffers and students did in 2012. This smells like Hillary Clinton’s carpetbag move in New York.



(The writer, a Republican, is considering a run for the U.S. Senate.)

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How is that democrat compromise working for the readers on the Keystone Pipeline that an overwhelming number of real Americans (including unions) SUPPORT. How is that democrat compromise working on the train wreck called ObamaKare - Not one single Responsible Republican could vote for it

Amazing that: Scott Brown would turn his back on the staunch conservatives and cuddle up to the 'liberals'. Why is it that he is cuddling up to New Hampshire voters??

The problem is that everyone has stopped working together in this country. Today some troglodytes expound the 20% liberal vs. 80% conservative statistic. What is overlooked is that we are after all Americans. All problems pale in comparison to the constant " my way or the highway" approach to government that we have adopted. If we had this type of government from the beginning of our existence, we would be a third world nation today. Government is based on give and take, compromise and the ability to work together. It's not Black & White but varying shades of grey. Once you get to far extremes of either right or left you have problems and it's up to those that make of the majority to solve the problems. It is still possible to be a conservative or liberal without being one of the lunatic fringe.

Great letter Mauser. I totally agree. I believe that when either party gets too bogged down in their radical agenda they let go of common sense. I also believe that most folks are centralists. You would not realize that these days because both parties stick to their guns on idiotic issues. I believe you can have a balance of fiscal responsibility, social justice and a lot more problem solving if folks get informed and know what works and what does not. We are all americans, and America is not doing well at all, and while that is happening, we have two parties that are solving nothing. There is a middle ground. But we need a candidate to emerge that thinks as a centralist as opposed to one that just spouts their party's agenda. The blame game solves nothing. Fix what is wrong. Otherwise, we just sit back and watch everything go down the tubes.

Well said Mauser 1....

I would agree and Obama can't dictate and have everything he wants. He is on the "my way or the highway" fringe, there is no doubt about that. We have lost liberties, freedoms and people don't seem to care unless what is in it for them is fulfilled.

I don't like it when moderate Republicans attack Conservatives and I find it counter productive when Conservative Republicans attack moderate Republicans. Any chance you can spend some energy attacking Obama and the democrats before they they destroy our country? There is plenty to attack on the democrat side. Shaheen, Shea-Porter voted for ObamaKare and add Budget Buster Kluster and you have a trio of Job losing politicians.

No way...conservatives need to keep attacking conservatives so that the country can become productive and reasonable. Problem with the conservatives is that they can't see how poorly the National Republican Party has been treating them. Hint: the NRP has done nothing to help the middle class for more than 30 years. Disagree?? Show my one thing!! (And, don't give me that 'taxes' baloney-they rich have been the only beneficiaries for that 30 years !!)

Welfare reform.

Oh what fun. I was just beginning to feel bad about not having O'Brien anymore but it looks like we have a replacement. Is it true that her car had a bumper sticker saying "this car is powered by big oil?" ?

LOL....isnt everyone's?

You wouldn't understand.

Oh, the horror! A conservative Republican who thinks that the business of government is to "govern." Oh, the horror, the horror! My profoundest apologies to Kurtz, whose ability to be a man of only the necessary words eclipses my own.

a Small Government is Good for a Country but explaining that FACT to a democrat is impossible

sail, stop with the antihistory. Smaller government Calvin Coolidge / Herbert Hoover or larger government FDR: whose policies led to the Great Depression and whose largely ended it? The demigod of small government, Thomas Jefferson, as president undertook the biggest increase in the size of government in the history of the republic. There seems to be set of facts that the "usual suspects" hang their hats on that turn out not only to be not facts; they stand in absolute opposition to historical reality

Smaller government Calvin Coolidge Correct. Herbert Hoover was big government. But facts and democrats don't mix.

See Van's comment below for a clear demonstration of my premise. Herbert Hoover, big government? It strains the definition of "big" to the breaking point.

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