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Letter: We cannot afford another war

Is President Obama about to plunge the United States into another regional conflict? The United States cannot afford to go abroad in search of another monster to slay. While no one certainly wants to see the killing of innocents in Syria, the president has not made a case to the American people as to why the United States needs intervene in what is essentially an internal conflict between the Syrian government and its people.

Obama seems blinded by his own hubris and arrogance as he and key members of his administration are quick to escalate the tensions in Syria in order to satiate the appetite of the war pigs. How many more lives have to be sacrificed in order to line the pockets of the military industrial complex?

The corporate whores in the defense industry send their lobbyist to broker back-room deals with the Congress. Meanwhile, the president sends our men and women to do the bidding and dying for the puppet masters that control him to ensure that the profits keep flowing into their coffers.

The American people should not tolerate such saber rattling from this president or those in Congress who want to foment war. It is time that the priorities of this country are put first and that the problems of other nations are to be left to their governments to work out.

War is often predicated on lies, treachery and deceit benefiting no one except the criminals in Washington.



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