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Letter: Who are these opponents?

I don’t live in Concord so I don’t feel like giving my opinion on the purchase of the BearCat. I just find it odd if there are 400 Concord residents who signed a petition against it, very few if any seem like they want to write a letter to the editor to explain their opposition to it. All the letters I have read online and in the Monitor seem to come from every town but Concord and quite a few from out of state. I think it might be a good idea to check the addresses of those who signed the petition.



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The article in the paper said 400 CONCORD RESIDENTS had signed the petition. Seven people were at the rally and three of them were residents. Sounds like a little waffling is going on now.

Maybe we need petition ID??..are you suggesting people are not being honest about their residency???

Once more, it seems everyone is beating around the bush and these Concord residents don't exist. I doubt there will be any lawsuits over this petition. It is not a legal petition. It is just a kind of poll, but obviously some one is over inflating the amount of Concord residents against this bearcat. Forget the four hundred, can they show one hundred residents against this? Don't give me smoke and mirrors about every one pays for this blah, blah blah. . We all pay for everything in this country. You don't believe in war? Want to pay for half a bullet or half a tank. I am finished with this discussion. Have fun if you want to keep up the double talk.

They are close to hitting a thousand resident signatures... The fact is that the vast majority of residents think this is a ridiculous waste of money. Some we attempt to talk to don't give us a chance, because a percentage of the population is like that. Some don't sign because they just don't sign petitions/get involved/are too busy, some even don't sign because they fear retribution, but _very_ few don't sign because they want this Assault Truck. I can promise you though, the VAST majority of people we do get a chance to talk to, think this is a ridiculous waste of money.

I'm sure those organizing will invite the press to look over the signatures, I know they are making every effort to only get sigs from actual residents. I also know, from collecting sigs myself, that many people from the surrounding communities (who will be on the hook for any potential lawsuits, like the $3.5 million judgement that similar towns in CT are going to take out of their budgets...) are not happy when told they can't sign it and that City Hall in Concord could care less what they think... And thanks for the suggestion for us to ask people write letters to the ed. Every little bit helps ;)

I guess you might have a point if Concord was purchasing the Bearcat with a property tax increase.

100% correct, every tax payer in the US is buying this.

and this was forced on the taxpayers by a MA democrat congressman where the are built

Yes, and if Concord decides not to accept the grant, it doesn't save your money, like the petition writers would have you believe, the grant will just be awarded to another applicant.

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