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Letter: Childish columnists

Please, enough is enough! Can the Monitor not find someone to write The Insiders column who understands that the audience is adults and not immature high school adolescents? Ben Conant’s and Keith Testa’s humor is not clever or witty. It’s just downright juvenile. The last straw for me was the Aug. 28 column announcing the ceremony in front of the State House to read Martin Luther King’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech. The historical significance of the speech, now considered one of the seminal statements on civil rights, was completely undercut and dishonored by Conant’s and Testa’s sophomoric statement that the day’s reading would not include (King’s) “less celebrated speech, ‘I have a dream sometimes where I am having coffee with a dinosaur.’ ”

Funny? No. Childish? Yes.

Come on, Concord Monitor, can’t you find some grown-ups to write this column?



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To be honest, I'm embarrassed for those guys. They're not funny at all and they should stop trying to be.

Don't let the fuddy-duddy readers get to you boys - KEEP CLANGIN' THAT BELL!!!!

H-D, I do love the Insider, wish I got it in my town and pick it up whenever I'm in Concord. But somehow it just doesn't work for me as a column in the regular paper. I wasn't expecting that, as I am a fan. Are you getting ready for hunting season? I have a raccoon taking my poultry that I'd just LOVE to open season on.

A raccoon??? Are you sure it's a raccoon. I'd expect a fox, coyote, fisher or bobcat before a coon.

I really like the Insider and pick it up whenever I can. I was excited when it was announced an Insider column would run in the paper. Much to my surprise, I realized it simply doesn't work as an integral part of the paper. It's like a clanging bell in the paper and a lot of fun to read as a stand alone. I guess context matters.

LOL....I've never once read their column. And I didnt notice the Monitor said it plans to stop the column when the new changes start.

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