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Letter: Strong reservations

With all the debate going on about whether we should attack Syria, I’m wondering what the liberal establishment is thinking. After decades of peace at any price marches, demonstrations, sit-ins and whatnot, how do they really feel about their champion, President Obama, threatening actions which more resemble a conservative administration? Is Obama wrong or does he reflect an acquired reality that world problems are seldom simplistic and our presidents often face tough decisions that can be second-guessed by anyone who cares to?

Now, I’m a conservative but I have strong reservations about getting involved in a confusing civil war in the Middle East. Who are the good guys, if any? And if we do get involved, who will be grateful to us for doing so? I read that the Saudis want us to do something, likewise Jordan and most of the Arab League. Are they going to partner with us or let us do the dirty work and stand back so later they can distance themselves from any unintended consequences?

Apparently the plan is to launch some cruise missiles, standing off at arms length, but what is the goal? Sending a message? We’ve sent messages before, but darn little changes over there. We pick a side, arm and train them, and next thing we know our “friends” are our enemies. So where is the wonderful United Nations while human rights are being violated and poison gas is killing innocents? Standing back alongside of the Arab League, not getting its hands dirty.

Time for Obama to draw another line in the sand and tell both those organizations to man up, sign on or don’t look for America to be the sucker for their cowardliness.



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We sent assault weapons to Syria to confront a regime that does not represent them. How's that work exactly???

Hillary spent 4 years doing her globetrotting foreign Policy and that has brought the USA to the brink of WAR and a murdered Ambassador in Benghazi that she lied about. Honestly how can any thinking person align themselves with the lying liberal democrats

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