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Letter: There must be accountability

After the horror of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we decided that the use of weapons of mass destruction was unacceptable. We recognized that these weapons do not discriminate between the willing participants of war and those innocent, nonwilling victims of these weapons.

In Syria, we have seen yet another example of this sort of brutal atrocity. This is not about choosing sides in Syria or committing to war but, rather, a limited effort to restrict Bashar al-Assad’s ability to repeat this sort of horror. If this goal can be achieved without boots on the ground, then we have a moral obligation to use the tools that we have invested so much of our economic output in to achieve this goal.

According to U.S. intelligence estimates, this attack resulted in 1,429 deaths among which 426 were children. Of those children, what was their offense? How can a child be held accountable for the acts of the willing participants? What if this was your child? If you oppose even a non-boots-on-the-ground response, consider losing your own child in such a brutal manner. Take a few minutes to review the gruesome, gut-wrenching images of children in the spastic throes of death that are circulating on YouTube. Perhaps such a response might persuade Assad to reflect on the fate of the only other despot to use these sorts of weapons, Saddam Hussein. There must be accountability for acts such as the mass murder of children.



Legacy Comments2

Maybe it is the history of black people in America. The hundreds of years of slavery and segregation that don't make it news when a black man says he hates white people. Remember it is when a man bites a dog that it is news.

Glad you are concerned about other people. Shame the story of the innocent guy killed by the, "I hate white people" killer-is being suppressed.

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