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Letter: BearCat will protect officers

Just when I thought it was safe to read the Monitor’s letters to the editor section, I pick up the paper on Sept. 13 and get bombarded with opinions that make me sick to my stomach.

The BearCat’s purpose is to protect our police officers and general public. I applaud Chief John Duval and our city councilors for working hard to keep them as safe as possible. How many men and women do we have to lose before you get it, or is it just that you don’t care about what doesn’t affect you?

The BearCat is not a “vehicle of war” and doesn’t prevent domestic terrorism or “acts of violence and crime.” What it does is prevent more people from getting hurt when these situations occur. You all want to believe that nothing can or will happen in our small towns and cities, but why don’t you take the time to talk to an officer in our community and find out what’s already happening that you’re not even aware of. Fifteen hundred people signed a petition, but only seven showed up on the State House steps? Give me a break.

Our councilors did vote the way the people wanted, just not the way you wanted. Chief Duval, Concord Police Department, New Hampshire State Police, county deputies, and all the other officers, thank you for your service. For all of you who don’t want to support and protect these brave men and women, maybe you shouldn’t call 911 when you’re in need and try to take care of the situation on your own. I hope you are never put in the position where you have to.



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they will need it when the people rise up to take back the country from the destructive democrat tax and spend machine

Another mass shooting today. There seems no end to them. Don't worry I won't bring up gun control. If 20 first graders getting killed doesn't mean anything why would twelve government workers. The police have to protect themselves any way they can. You Free Staters that got so upset about this have nothing to worry about. Eventually if you get your wish, there will be no government and you will only have to fear each other and your big guns.

Ms. Buckingham, you either overlook or choose not to acknowledge that the public mis-perception you see regarding this Bearcat purchase was actually caused by law enforcement’s fraudulent misrepresentation of politically active citizens as a violent threat to those “brave men and women.” It is not unreasonable for freedom-loving people to be wary of those with the power to detain them, fine them, lock them up -- or worse. And I am sure Chief Duval understands full well that the consequences of a little lie are can be significant and stubborn discredit and political opposition.

This is the first time that I have ever agreed with you. Correct, Duval handled this poorly.

The bearcat: bringing liberals and libertarians together since, well since the Federal Govt. started handing out money to states and municipalities to purchase bearcats.

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