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Letter: Actually, some of us favored the BearCat purchase

 The Concord Police Department submitted a federal grant application for a BearCat armored law enforcement vehicle, like this one being used in Nashville, Tenn.

The Concord Police Department submitted a federal grant application for a BearCat armored law enforcement vehicle, like this one being used in Nashville, Tenn.

To the many who say the city councilors did not listen to the people of Concord concerning the BearCat vote, you are right. I am in favor of the city purchasing the BearCat, and my councilor voted no.

My voice was not listened to, so should I start to scream, as many of you are, to throw him out?

I will not!

The council and Chief John Duval should be thanked for thinking of the safety for the people of Concord, the women and men of our police and fire department and the people and departments of the surrounding towns.

It is my strong hope that we never need the service of the BearCat, but the world is changing every day and I am glad to know that we have people making decisions to be ready and safe. Thank you councilors, Mr. Mayor and Chief Duval.



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Legacy Comments17

What a brave man he must be to have to show his gun to a crazy lady without a gun. Does he show it to everyone that gets in his way? People cutting in line at the supermarket? Someone taking his parking space? What is his criteria for showing his gun?

Several no trespassing signs on his own property. Try to drive up to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, D.C. And see if you don't have several guns shown to you.

Honestly, if you stay out of other peoples business, no one has anything to worry about. She had harassed him in the past and she was relentless, he showed her his gun. He did not point it at her, he did not fire it. He could have been walking out his front door for all that we know, getting ready to go hunting. Once again, the law came down on the side of the social misfit harassing a citizen who wanted to just be left alone. He was released, you know?

Chief John Duval should step down or be terminated. I am not a Free Stater but I know that when a public official takes a political stand as he did, we can no longer trust that public official represents all of the citizenry. If he fears Free Staters then that means that he would not support their rights to organize and protest. We live in a Constitutional Republic, not a Police State. Duval is a "tin horn" police chief and he needs to step down.

I don't think of it as the government riding in tanks. I think of it as police officers who are neighbors and need protection from more and more from people with all kinds of issues who seem to be only able to handle them with guns. Who can say for sure, but maybe the police chief in Greenfield would be alive today if they had a Bearcat. The government is, as you say, people we have elected. The people who died in the navy yard were the government. The councilors were elected by the people of Concord. There are too many people in this country today who try to deny the rights of voters if everyone doesn't do just what they want.

I still have reservations about the wisdom or necessity of the Bearcat, seeing it as a big step toward the militarization of the police, but I'm coming around. I think we need to see this as an inevitable response to the increasingly militarized gun culture that exists in this country, and the political paranoia and polarization that both drives and thrives on this phenomenon. The seductive nonsense of libertarianism that encourages misreadings of the 2nd Amendment, distorts American history to glorify and fetishize guns, and spreads the Hollywood notion that 'one good guy with a gun can take out the bad guys with guns' are examples of this process in action. We've had several high profile episodes in NH in the last 2 decades, and sadly, there is no reason to think we won't see more in the future.

The US Supreme Court has read the 2nd Amendment and they have ruled that your belief in its meaning is 100% incorrect.....whats new

tillie - with all due respect to the Greenland police chief, he was not shot while standing behind his car. The Washington people were not shot standing behind their cars. My point here is this is a vehicle to transport people to the crime scene and then stand behind (to stop the bullets). Have we ever had a shoot out in NH where officers were behind their car doors. This vehicle will not help in traffic stops where an officer pulls someone over (Lincoln NH), where an officer chases after someone on foot (Manchester NH), when an officer walks up to the front door (Greenland NH) or any of the mass shooting we have read about. How many times has the existing Concord armored vehicle been called out or has the Keene vehicle been used? I think the mayor said he did not even know it existed. I did see one of these in the Washington news clips with 6 patrol cars following it, how is that protecting all the officers in the cars?..... My opinion is - the money could have been used for top of the line bullet proof vest that "every" officer could actually wear all day. The money needs to be spent wisely. What happened to all the SWAT vehicles we already have?

best comment ever on this subject. You win the internet today

Actually, you are incorrect about one thing ..the chief was shot while behind his car.

Mr. Daley, I must agree. Sadly more citizens are armed with more and more weapons. I prefer that we not have the need for this type of armament but here we are, in a country that obsesses about guns and manufacturers in need of sales. Anyone asking for our vote should imagine a cop in a position of potentially being fired upon...preferred protection; cruiser door or bearcat?

So what you're saying is you live in fear of free citizens with guns. But you view a govt. that you elected driving around in tanks, body armor and carrying weapons as something that makes you feel safe? I suggest you leave the United States and live in Iran, North Korea or Syria.

I fear "free citizens with guns" of the likes of Ward Bird. I fear militarized police even more, and I fear the national surveillance state more still. On the other hand, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert (among others) help keep things in perspective and allow me to laugh at the tinfoil hat brigade instead of joining them. Iran, North Korea or Syria? More likely Canada or Brasil (despite their funny version of Portuguese) for me.

Let's see, Ward Bird was being harassed by a crazy lady and he showed her his gun. Oh , that is sooooooo scary. But you are correct about the police state, militarized police and national surveillance they are all out of control. We can agree on that.

That sounds more like something van or Sail would say. I don't agree with you so you should get out of the country. I could say to you if you want everyone running around with guns and no police why don't you move to Somolia?

Bird, this criminal also -was programmed to gun violence by decades by the violent image industry. why am I not hearing any, I mean any negative feedback to those who program youth and mentally ill to think gun violence is OK? Oh, yes -that would mean getting up off the couch and actually doing something about these societal problems and those who cause. How about telling Hollywood to stop!

How about having comprehensive background checks so that people who have mental problems, that hear their microwave talking to them or can't tell the difference from games and real life is not allowed to purchase a gun. The Republicans are cutting a wide swath through the budget. I am sure there is no money in there for mental help for people with "societal" programs. Anyone who is a mass murderer obviously has mental problems yet none of them seem to have has any problem getting hold of a gun.

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