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Letter: Common Core is trash

They say Common Core is not a curriculum, and it’s true. It claims to be a bunch of “standards,” but in reality it simply twists the academic content to enable our kids to be used as political mules in much the same way the International Baccalaureate program does.

And, no, opposition doesn’t indicate a fear of foreigners or not wanting to teach languages.

We congratulate Alton for absolutely doing the right thing in rejecting this trash. Here’s why:

Visit this website to see how teachers are being trained so they can align with Common Core in social studies:

You’ll see it’s not about academics, but all about promoting UN goals, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, global government, reinterpreting (and therefore subverting) the Constitution, praising Muslim “heroes” and spreading social justice and allowing presenters from groups with clear agendas such as the Federal Reserve.

Say what?

It’s all about allowing NGOs and corporations to create socialist “activists” out of your children, turning them into political mules for the global government, as it were.

It is shameful that anyone would allow this to go on in our public schools. And you thought you could trust your administrators and teachers with your tax money?

It’s time to vote out every single school board member and state representative who allows this stuff to continue in our schools. Your silence means complicity.



Legacy Comments17

What is in the texts and information guides will be geared to the PC view only. That is not the major issue with CC. Delaying Algebra being taught, cost, implementation and the idea that an elementary student can be taught to think critically are the main issues. If you cannot teach the basics, adopting a new style of teaching will do nothing to improve learning, it will only complicate the process. CC will be a costly experiment that will never work, and will dumb down our education system even more.

As contrasted to places like Texas with their ongoing efforts to purge Martin Luther King and Darwin from their textbooks? Talk about dumbing down!

I hardly think that including chapters on the Black Panthers is purging MLK. I prefer students get the whole story on any subject as opposed to just the Liberal bias or the Conservative bias. That way they can make up their own minds.

Hernando Today/Tampa Tribune, by Domenick Maglio - As the saga of the Affordable Care Act continues, another mammoth program being pushed by the Department of Education for approval by all state legislatures is a national curriculum, which is called Common Core State Standards.(Snip)CCSS expedites the process of making government schools a vehicle for propagandizing students. The centralized government would be able to "teach" moral relativism, fairness, political correctness, multiculturalism, tolerance for the progressive agenda and bigotry for the traditional moral values. These Marxist/progressive concepts are changing the culture to welfare dependency.

TED KENNEDY is the author of ....... drum roll please....... "No child left behind"

Gee, I was just gonna repost my "guess which ultra-right-wing poster I'm channeling" comment from last week. But instead I actually went to the link the letter writer suggested I go to to unearth the "horrors" of the common core. Here's a sampling of what I found: 1) "Road Trip! Developing Creative, Collaborative Geography Projects with Google Maps" - OH THE HORROR! They want to teach our children GEOGRAPHY?!?!? Using "the Google?!?!?!?" 2) "Silk Road: Cross-Cultural Interdisciplinary Approach Necessitated Explosive Economics, Inventions, Literature" OH NO - NOT THE SILK ROAD! Apparently some folks would just as soon people forget about this entire historical period. 3) "See the Voices: Creating an Environment of Empathy" - OH MY GOD! EMPATHY?!?!?! Don't they know it's BAD to have EMPATHY for people?!?!? 4) "Abolitionists Debate: Multiple Perspectives Leading up to the Civil War" - OH HEAVENS! You mean not every single person in the U.S. had exactly the same opinions leading up to the Civil War?!?!?! How SCANDALOUS!!!!

Nice post! And congrats on the deer, too.

Thanks Bruce!

Like most things that are promoted by the govt, we never seem to see an honest discussion of what the issue is about. With CC, we see again that most folks have no idea what the program consists of, the cost, how teacher evaluations will actually hurt teachers, and what the standards are in reality. No discussion about what this program will do in regards to starting Algebra a year later, what will be in the instructional texts, or what reading non fiction will do in regards to critical thinking. States were held hostage with this program, sign up or govt funds will be taken away. But then again, we seem to be a society that believes that govt knows best. Even if we have no clue what they are actually doing.

All were busy patting each other on the back for supporting the great bipartisan thing.

Common Core in the NEWS: This past week President Obama mockingly said that America is “not some banana republic.” As usual, he lied. A father in Towson, Maryland, was forcefully ejected from a local town hall forum for asking the wrong question. Robert Small had concerns over the Common Core education initiative, feeling that it was dumbing down the curriculum in his local school district. “My question is, how does lowering America’s educational standards prepare kids for community college?” asked Small, before soon being approached by a security guard — who was also an off-duty cop — and being dragged away from his seat

Wonder where all these people were when Bush was pushing "No child left behind".? Oh wait. Bush was a Republican. What's next, intelligent design, the world 10,000 years old, the Civil War was a war of northern aggression, the sun goes around the earth cause the Bible says so. Maybe it is time to build another Trojan horse in the Epsom circle and keep those foreigners out.

when the liberal union big government indoctrination institutions of low learning tell you they have a change to fix things ...1) it is proof that the product that they currently produce is awful and 2) it the same as the fox guarding the hen House....doomed for failure - look at their track record...... Google this 8th grade test from the 1895

It is sometimes said that "where you stand depends on where you sit." One can only conclude that the letter writer sits somewhere "in a galaxy far, far away."

The letter writer (Jane) is absolutely correct. Common core focuses on political correctness and this link also posted by Jane, says it all. The lessons on this link were created by educators for educators; I have to think the best of the best ideas? Some of the approaches and lessons are so politically motivated and it is obvious. We don't need apologetic political correctness, let's just teach the basics without the agenda.

When they say it isn't about the money, it's about the money. When they say it isn't about the sex, it's about the sex. When they say: "...opposition doesn’t indicate a fear of foreigners..." well - you can figure it out for yourself.

When they say it isn't about ideology, it is about ideology. When they say it is not about indoctrination, it is about indoctrination. When hey say it is not about political correctness, it is about political correctness. When they say it is not true, it is true.....well-you can figure it out for yourself.

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