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Letter: Tower Capital

Re the full-page ad placed in the Sept. 17 Monitor by Northern Pass:

Conspicuous by their absence in the photo were the towers carrying the transmission lines. Does Northern Pass really think it’s fooling anyone? Northern Pass is nothing more than a capital greed project simply using our state as a means of transportation.

Few permanent jobs will evolve from this raping of our land.

A better approach for the ad would have been to depict a backhoe digging a trench to bury the lines. Any new private development places any and all wiring underground for safety as well as aesthetics. Transmission line towers are as antiquated as Babylon. In the state of New York, new lines are buried.

The folks in Concord should be aware that their city will be more visually impacted by these enormous towers than any other municipality in the state. Do we, the residents of New Hampshire, want Concord to be known as the “Tower Capital?” I don’t think so. Let saner minds prevail, please.



Legacy Comments1

"Transmission line towers are as antiquated as Babylon" Right. Lets get rid of all of them in the US, and charge those that think so with the cost.

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