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Letter: Tail wags the dog

How can House Speaker John Boehner be against shutting down the U.S. government and be for it a couple of weeks later? Giving in to Cantor’s Forty! You never see a photo op without Majority Leader Eric Cantor as his shadow. Sure looks like the tail is wagging the dog to me. Think I’ll go have a cup of “Tea”!



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News flash Speaker John Boehner has never been for shutting down the government. In fact it has been Speaker John Boehner and the GOP house that has sent the senate bill after bill to keep the gov. running. It is Obama and the democrat senate that are so rigid and stubborn that they have shut down the government if they don't get 100% of the government. It is the democrats who are the dictators who are keeping America hostage for pure political gain and that is a crime.

Wrong. Please read:

Wrong the New York Times is not a credible news source. Extreme partisanship by the Times makes it not worthy of being credible.

Van, that statement by you shows just how far removed from reality your positions really are--over these many months the exemplars of 'extreme partisanship'.

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