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Letter: Kuster, Shea-Porter betray N.H. veterans

Our twoÍ congressional representatives, Carol Shea-Porter and Annie Kuster voted with their party and against the veteran community of the nation to not fund Veteran Affairs during the shutdown. Their negative vote will affect thousands of veterans, young and old. They had the opportunity to stand with the veterans of New Hampshire and the country and do the right thing, party aside, or think of themselves. They made a choice.

In the future veterans will have a choice. As a bloc we can stand together and make the correct choice: Anybody but Shea-Porter! Anybody but Kuster! Believe me, I know our choices will be limited, especially knowing the one who will be running against Shea-Porter. He’s not a veteran candidate, but this can be a lesson. Having your picture taken handing a veteran a medal earned long ago or telling the story of your loved one who served in the past or your recent trip visiting the troops won’t save your political butt at home.

Faith, trust, truth, responsibility and accountability. Republican or Democrat, it makes no difference. Veterans no longer accept second, third or fourth place. Veterans of New Hampshire, it’s time to take your organizational hats off and make a statement as one: veterans.



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This letter is ridiculous. Let's be clear about what's going on now. The Republicans shut down the government in a futile attempt to end Obamacare. They were positively giddy about it. People, including veterans, start complaining when the government is shut down. The Republicans pick a part of the government they kinda like, Veterans Affairs, and try to fund just that part. The Democrats don't go along, rightly insisting the Republicans end the entire shutdown. Now the Republicans, who actually shut down the VA , childishly try to blame the Democrats for shutting down the VA. My 8 year old comes up with better stuff than this when he tries to blame the mess in the kitchen on his sister. It's not just veterans that suffer when the government is shut down. The Republicans need to end this shutdown now. The Republicans need to stop threatening default, which has absolutely terrible consequences. If we keep up this brinkmanship with the full faith and credit of the United States, financial markets will start treating us like the banana republic we're acting like. Then a 3% 30 year mortgage will become one of those tales of the old days we'll tell our unbelieving grandchildren.

This is an absurd lie and one promoted by the right-wing meme machine. Carol Shea-Porter has been a staunch supporter of veterans. When the N.H. Congressional contingent was entirely Republican under George W. Bush, they allowed the Manchester veterans hospital to be virtually destroyed. Shea-Porter & Shaheen put a stop to that. The GOP doesn't give a damn about veterans or anyone but the rich, as their shutdown of the government proves. P.S. Do you trust people who post comments with nicknames? If you have something to say, have the guts to say it publicly, not hide behind a pseudonym.

If you vote in November of 2013 I guarantee not much will change, thank goodness!

The vote was not anti-veteran, it was anti-piecemeal. It was an effort to preserve the governmental system that has guarded our freedom for centuries, rather than allowing self-righteous chest-pounders to dismantle it .

Nice try Veritas. Obama and the democrats have done everything they could to inflict pain on the Military and Vets. That is the reason why Obama banned WW2 vets from their memorial (at the Mall) and allowed Illegal aliens occupy the Mall,

For those who support our fighters for freedom our men and women in the armed services it is imperative that we vote out Kuster, Shaheen, and Shea-Porter in Novermber of 2013. Bob this was a fantastic to the point accurate letter to the editor. Thank-you for writing it Bob!!!

2 strikes and you are out. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt over Duene's letter but this one is just as ???? (can't think of a moderator approved adjective). But alas I guess I was wrong, just another of the nattering nabobs of negativity - I tip my hat to that staunch purveyor of GOP values, VP Agnew and his spotless legacy - NOT.

speaking of pictures ..... can any democrat provide a link to a picture of Carol Shea Porter's husband - way has she hid him for so long?

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