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Letter: Liberals disgrace America

Is there any New Hampshire native who doesn’t see President Obama’s play for political power as costing us our honor?

This week we heard that Obama denied military survivors benefits to the families of our fallen heroes. Many would not be able to greet their sons’, daughters’, moms’ and dads’ remains at the airport when returned to the country they gave their lives for. We also we heard the truth from inside the Obama administration: They said they are winning and don’t care how long the shutdown goes on.

We now know that they have issued orders to harm and cause as much pain as possible to children visiting the White House, to lock out World War II veterans in wheelchairs from visiting the war memorials in Washington, and to lock out veterans in Normandy, France, from honoring our fallen heroes whose remains lay cold where they fell.

This is no surprise, as he’s done it before. Remember when Obama blew off placing the wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier or when he shut down the Vietnam memorial for seven hours on Memorial Day for a photo op? He despises the military. The truth is coming out; all the Democrats care about is winning political wars, with America as the victim. Wake up, New Hampshire!



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Better title for this letter: "Liberals ARE a disgrace".

Just for the record, any Vet who votes for a Republican does so by ignoring the interest of other Vets and himself. When in hell have Republicans done anything for Veterans, besides using them for political gain?

How about last month when they voted to fund our military and our country, just not ObamaScare.

I believe that was covered. It was for political gain

If you want to talk about disgraceful. Just look at Ted Cruz and his right wing friends marching on the White house with conferderate flags a flying. Don't they know that 1. it's a sign of racism and 2. the confederacy lost the civil war over a hungred years ago.

Where is the media coverage say what of this march? Where are the photos of it? By Ted Cruz's right wing friends do you mean the Vets? As far as racism goes, I pretty much thought any reporting, remarks etc concerning President Obama, are deemed racist if they disagree with his policies. I did enjoy the photo of the President leaving in helicopter one though, and the photos of the riot squads there to make sure the vets did not get out of hand.

Just google confederate flag and million man march. you'll see it. And just because someone is a Vet doesn't mean that they are suddenly not racist or that they are suddenly more patriotic than everyone else. Remeber there are a lot of Vietnam veterans who were against the war and are veterans only because they were drafted into service.

well, maybe that was one of them ;)

Here's your picture, right here in the Monitor.

So sad. When facts fail pull out the race card. Sooo libical. Care to comment on the New Black Panthers with clubs at a polling station. Holder quietly dropped the case.

Who's playing the race card now?--and by bringing up a one-off episode that amounted to nothing--which is why Justice dropped it. And are you suggesting that the Confederate flag is NOT a racist symbol. No matter how or when used, the Confederate flag is a racist symbol. It most assuredly is NOT a symbol of 'freedom' to any but the most ignorant and/or the most racist. Oddly, the two usually go together.

...and 3) they fought and died to allow you to keep your ignorant freedom of speech

And yours also.

And yet conservatives always parade their Flag Burning Amendment to appease Vets. Ironic isn't it.

The Confederacy did not fight to keep anyone's freedom of speech. They fought keep slavery and anyone who says differently does not know history. The confederate flag is a sign of treason and an enemy of the United States. They might as well have flown a Nazi flag, it would have meant the same thing.

Duene, I do want to give you credit though. Because of your senseless claims I actually looked a few things up. Much to my surprise the laying of the wreath on Memorial Day became a tradition under President Clinton. A liberal democrat is what it took to start the tradition, imagine that.

Your welcome. But to try and make the point that Bush didn't care about vets and Obama does is just ridiculous. The Bush's made so many (and still do) visits to wounded vets without reporters and cameras as compared to Obama who wouldn't wash a golf ball without the press covering it that there's no real comparison. But regardless of the wreath laying, how does this somehow make what Obamas administration did to vets OK ?

You have your facts wrong Mauser. Gerald Ford was the first sitting President to lay a wreath at Arlington on Memorial Day. Reagan 3 times, George W 7 times. Many presidents do acknowledge the Day by going to services wherever they are. Clinton does not deserve credit for that tradition.

"Benghazi. No matter what your politics, or what solutions you propose to the problems that confront this nation, ask yourself this: Could you have done what Barack Obama did that night? Could you as commander-in-chief abandon Americans fighting for their lives under your command? These men had served their country for more than a decade. For seven hours they cried out for help from their government, but you refused to give it. How, as a fellow American, could Obama have just left these men to die? No one with an ounce of patriotic feeling could. ..... But not our president. When the attack on our embassy in Benghazi began, he hung up the phone and went to bed, and then on to a fundraiser with Beyonce and Jay-Z in Las Vegas in the morning. " always destroy the liberal narrative

Why does anyone call them Liberal. They are only liberal on sex, drugs and killing babies. Other than that they are not liberal on anything. They are just power mad control freaks that want to control everybody and everything. Jefferson was a real Liberal. One for limited Government and total individual Liberty. And as far as this shut down mess. The left is spending more on manpower to make it hurt by keeping the Peoples monuments and parks closed by armed guards than they were when they were open. Its just petty Martial Law. Why has a judge not ordered them reopened? It was the same joke of a move when he shut down White House tours then went on a number of multimillion dollar vacation. Anti American clown is what he is.

The letter writer illustrates the extent to which some in this country are completely divorced from reality--when it comes to economics, politics, and virtually anything that requires coherent thought.That's a summary description of those who identify as Tea Party members or their fellow travelers. Blaming Obama for the harm that the Tea Party's shutdown of the government has caused is seriously misplacing the blame. Tea Party radicals are holding the nation hostage to their demands--in another context that would be regarding as a criminal act, and one little removed from terrorism. Ted Cruz and his merry band of pranksters have led the Republican Party to the brink--and are taking the country with it. They're getting hammered in the polls, and dragging the greater Republican Party down with them. Their recklessness is hurting millions of Americans who depend on the government, and yet we have some who are cheering them on, and blaming the president and the Democrats for what is entirely the fault of extremist Republicans. Have they no appreciation for facts and the truth? Have they no shame?

Your obsession with the Tea party is actually pretty funny. With my office being in Eagle Square I actual got to see the Tea party and the Labor Unions demonstrate first hand. The Tea party people were clean , respectful, only wanted smaller more efficient government and cleaned up after themselves. Conversely the Union people were bused in ( I saw the busses lined up on Storrs st.) They were rude , foul mouthed, and bullies. They created a gauntlet in Eagle sq. and from a distance of about 2 feet away from legislators shouted with bullhorns. I approached a state trooper who had to be called in and asked him to take action but ( union) he refused. After the goons were done they dropped every sign, donut box and pizza box they had on the ground and left the square a mess. We paid for the city to clean it up. The Tea Party is the hope not the hate.

Sorry, but I don't share your opinion of either the respective rallies or the idea that the Tea Party represents any kind of 'hope'. The Tea Party is a backwards-looking haven for closet racists, birthers, feudal-libertarians, and unreconstructed new Confederates, along with assorted fellow travelers like the paranoid and crypto-fascist militias. Their puppet masters from the far right provide financial support, a distorted reading of the Constitution, and a twisted world view and in return trust that they will faithfully execute that message.

And you got this information about the Tea Party from where Bruce? Basically it is pretty simple. You and your party want to dictate everything. Any resistance to your one party rule leads you to promote hate. That hate can be directed at a religion that does not want to change it's tenets to allow abortion, groups who believe this administration is not listening to all americans, and groups that feel their rights to own guns should not be taken away. Yet you claim you are the party of acceptance, middle class, and choice. We cannot have one party rule. We need balance. Most folks are centralists. There are some extremists always. But holding up those few extremists as what the whole group stands for is dishonest.

I don't know what kind of business you have, but I do hope you have a sign out front saying you don't want any liberals or labor members crossing your doors cause you don't want their money. The number one failing of all these tea party Republicans is being a hypocrite and the second failing is not knowing it.

Duene & Van, if you change the channel from Faux News you may see that you have been living like a mushroom. Did you not see where GOP leaders said they were winning and not to let up on the shutdown? Are you not aware that it is the radical right holding this entire country hostage over a failed attempt to stop health care reform? For the 44th time! Get over it, it is the law, history will prove this administration to be a landmark in the progress of humanity. There will be bumps, there will be problems, but they will be worked out just like most legislation passed in this country. Of course it would move along much smoother if the GOP as a whole decided to do the right thing by the people of this country, the majority of whom want health care reform, and work to make it the best reform possible. Instead they fabricate lies of death panels, and wholesale government invasion of our healthcare, why not take the expanded medicare or at the very least why not study the offer, why not assist consumers in finding out their options and obligations for signing up? In other words if you're not coming up with solutions to the problems you perceive then you are part of the problem. Signed former republican.

Thank you for your opinion. Now back to reality. We have already had a death panel. Sebelius was letting a young girl die without a transplant that her doctors said she should have. Thank God enough pressure was put on the Administration to force them to let her live. The Obamacare bill was sold to congress and the American people as a NON-TAX. What came back from the supreme court was a tax. The bill should have gone back to congress for a vote as a new tax. Care to guess how that would have gone? Obama has had over three years to get the roll out ready and it was / is a huge failure. Almost every report is of higher premiums, higher deductible's, not being able to keep your doctor. Obamacare set on its own over 60 benchmarks leading up to the roll out . They met ZERO of them. Its such a great plan that Obama, congress, unions and every big donor to Obama gets an exemption or subsidy, all except Joe Honest Worker who's carrying all the weight . You want a solution that would have worked and could have been implemented on day one? 1) Tort reform 2) Competition across state lines 3) Expand Healthcare Savings Accounts Why couldn't we have tried this for three years while Pelosi tried to read thru the Healthcare bill before she voted for it? Up until last year if you tried to be responsible and save your own money in a flexCare plan anything you didn't use at the end of that year was stolen by the government! Great leadership there.

It is about Obamacare not TRUE health care reform. Yes some people want health care reform because they think that it will be free or cheap. Obamacare is offering high deductible, low coverage options. 85% of those who like their health care, doctors and insurance plan will now have to sacrifice for 15% of those who do not have insurance. That is a bad plan. It is not a lie that Paul Krugman referred to rationing and "death panels if you will" to cover costs, etc. But "death panels" are not the issue, it is the fact that progressives know that rationing will take place and they agree that people who have led a long life will need to be denied care. Former Republican? I don't think so unless you had a life changing event.

Van, it is not an outstanding letter, it is a stupid letter full of one man's opinions and out right lies. Obama does not hate the military and he and Mrs. Obama have done more for our wounded veterans that than all the chicken hawks of the Bush administration ever did. It takes more than to don a fake flight suit and be flown on a carrier to show respect for our troops. Have the decency to fly their bodies home with dignity and respect instead of hiding them late at night so the country can't see what a disaster "your" war has turned into.

Actually Tillie, President Bush according to the Washington Post Dec 2008 article wrote that he personally wrote over 4,000 personal letters to families of fallen soldiers. Visited over 500 families privately, and also visited over 950 wounded vets in the VA. he did all this without cameras and the media. He did not want the families to have to deal with the media in their time of grief. President Obama wrote one personal letter to a rapper's family. The fallen navy seals got a form letter from President Obama signed with an auto pen.

Google Obama and Robo signatures and you will find that NObama uses form letters and a computer signature

Last time I looked, liberals were and are Americans. It is my belief that this type of manufactured blind bias is what is truly a disgrace to Americans. If you are going to attack someone, at least be able to back up what you say. Obama wants to hurt children, this does not even dignify a response. Blowing off the wreath laying, not actually a factual statement. Don't forget - between Reagan, and the Bush's, they missed 9 out of 20 wreath laying ceremonies. BTW - just what part of Government Shutdown didn't you grasp?

Remember Bush/Chaney/Rumsfeld, had the bodies of our dead soldiers brought home in the middle of the night in a cargo plane without even a flag? Remember Obama changed that policy as soon as he became President so the families of our fallen soldiers could be treated with the respect the deserved.

So one bad action justifies another? Bush would have done everything possible to rescue the Benghazi 4. He would have been up all night in the operations center. Obama / Hillary not only denied aid and help for months before but only days before 9/11 he bragged on national television about how "HE" killed a prominent Muslim leader at the Dem. convention. On the night of the attack he lied, went to bed, flew to Nevada to flirt with the music elite. Not once did he even call to check in on the lives of the Americans. The only reason Obama wanted a flag on the coffins was for a photo opp. Have you forgotten what the VP whispered in the ear of a grieving father as he met his fallen sons casket as he returned to US soil? The dad should have leveled him. These cowards should be impeached!

How would you know what Bush would be doing? Where was he the day of 9/11? He disappeared. Did he immediately appear on tv to inform the nation? Come to that what happened to Chaney for 3 months after 9/11. The man with what 30, 40 deferments. Come to think of it, where was Bush for the whole month of August? This crap you say about of Obama, I know you got from Fox so I don't even bother answering it.

Actually where was Bush for 6 wks during the Vietnam War when he couldn't be found. Maybe he wrote letters and visited soldiers because he felt some guilt about sending them into a war under false pretenses and was really good at "mission accomplished" but didn't plan for the occupation.

Really? Comparing Bush on 9/11 to Obama on Benghazi? But again why do you try to defend current behavior by pointing out someone else's behavior in the past? 5 years into Obamas rein and you still can't defend him on his own merit?

Regarding "Bush would have done everything possible..." He certainly had many opportunities. There were at least 12 Benghazi-like attacks on diplomatic posts during the Bush reign, most of which flew under the radar of Republican indignation then. The rest of your post distorts and omits facts in similar fashion.

Nothing even close to Benghazi. We could debate a lot of things but on this issue Obama & Hillary have blood on their hands. No one held responsible. They LIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Response to Cowan below regarding: "Nothing even close to Benghazi." Seriously?

The right-wing is the main cause for our political paralysis. They don't understand that corporate America, the Koch brothers and the rich and powerful who run this country are using them to further their own political agenda. They tried to impeach Clinton from day 1. They tried doing it to Obama. Since they lost the 2012 election they are trying a de facto impeachment. The American people spoke in 2012 and will not be shouted down by a minority fringe element willing to destroy America in order to "save it."

Inside the bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. Reality bites, so ignore it and construct your own.

DUENE, this is an Outstanding letter. There is no doubt that Obama wants to punish his enemies and award his friends during this shutdown. You excellently point out that Obama wants to punish the families of our war heroes but goes out of his way to accommodate illegal aliens. We must also go out of our way to insure that democrats get swept out of office in 2014. We need to defeat Shaheen, Kuster, and Shea-Porter by large margins in 2014. Our rally cry should be remember our heroes and vote out the zeros. DUENE, thank-you for writing this letter and please write another one soon!!!

with the GOP approval rating in Congress at 5% today, I'd say good luck with ever getting a republican elected in 2014.

Van, I know I seldom if ever agree with you but this was an outstanding letter? This letter is exactly what is wrong with our country. The notion that ignorance and blind partisanship have become the law of the land. We both know that congress is responsible not Obama for the shutdown. As for the blatant lies about hating the military and punishing our children, that is just such a blatant lie. Now for a fact check on the wreath laying. President Clinton was the last President to never miss the aforementioned wreath laying once during office. Reagan missed 4 of his 8 years, GWB missed 1 year, GHB never, NEVER, was present at even 1 ceremony in his 4 years. Van even you can come up with opinions that are based in reality, not ones I agree with, but better than this juvenile rant.

Van, this letter shows the ignorance of the republican leadership and their lambs, being led to slaughter BTW. I've never thought the GOP would stoop this low as to keep this mess going and taking the walk away from reason and their constituents. Sad indeed...

What is sad is that progressives can't see the forest for the trees or the house for the trees, depends how you look at it.

There is not a Statesman in the entire democrat Klan

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