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Letter: Mostly nonessential

It has been recently reported that 93 percent of U.S. Food and Drug Administration personnel were deemed non-essential. That breaks down to nine out of 10 employees. How much money does this mostly non-essential department control?

An online article reported that the 2012 FDA budget was going to stay the same at $2.5 billion. This year, in a press release, the FDA said that it requested $4.7 billion to ensure the safety of food and medical devices. That is not quite double last year’s budget.

And now, the $4.7 billion question: In this bad economy, with millions of Americans financially suffering, why would this government fund a department that is almost wholly non-essential? An additional question could be, is it possible for a private company to do a better job, for much less money? If we care about those paying taxes, should we at least explore some of the answers to these questions?

We need to make much wiser decisions in how our immense, yearly tax burden is spent. Maybe, just maybe, we could decrease taxation, which would effectively give everyone a pay raise. If the government really doesn’t need so much, then they don’t need to take and spend so much. Call me radical!



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Your argument only makes sense if you ignore what the FDA does. The fact that they were deemed "non-essential" for purposes of the shutdown only means that American citizens will not IMMEDIATELY be imperiled by their absence. Short-term, people are unlikely to die. Over the long-term, that changes.

Good letter, in fact, great letter. Of course, the bleeding hearts will come along and claim that will corrupt the system. Government is inherently inefficient and mostly unproductive. Non-essential is the key word when it comes to single tasking federal and state employees.

Dont hold your breath - Common Sense is not a trait contained in democrats.

I thought it was the EPA...but probably the FDA too.

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