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Letter: Retire Bow power plant

In response to Jan Edick’s column “Is PSNH on the wrong side of history?” (Monitor Forum, Sept. 25), the answer is yes, but it’s obvious the company doesn’t really care.

The Merrimack station in Bow is not only obsolete, as evidenced by how rarely it is operating at full capacity, but it is a financial nightmare for the ratepayers who are financing the scrubber to a tune of $422 million. And you don’t have to be an environmentalist to recognize that when it is running, the emissions are visibly dirtier than when the huge smokestack was a fraction of the size.

In a recent conversation I had with the director of the state Department of Environmental Services, I was told that PSNH has several years to figure out how to get the scrubber working properly.

Even when configured, PSNH isn’t required to, and likely won’t, use the scrubber when running only one of its two coal burners. With the plant running only at 20 percent capacity, it paints a dismal picture for the air quality and worth of PSNH’s $422 million investment. It’s time to retire Merrimack Station. It doesn’t make sense economically, environmentally and certainly for the health of those who breathe in the polluted, toxic air it is pumping out.



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Bow power plant is a much needed peak power provider when the greenies solution of windmills and solar panels don't provide diddly squat kW's. Question ?..... we know the left is against everything and say NO to everything. Would it not be easier if they just propose a true reality based solution to the the rapidly dwindling power producing infrastructure.

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