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Letter: Practice what you preach, progressives

I assumed that it must be a full moon, noting the tone and over-the-top rhetoric in some of the letters to the editor of late. To my surprise the moon was waning.

Statton Rice writes that the Tea Party is a crime syndicate and calls Republicans extortionists (“Restore majority rule,” Sunday Monitor, Oct. 6). Thinking back to when Obamacare was passed, I wonder if Rice felt that anything similar happened at that time.

Donald Bisson believes Concord Hospital CEO Michael Green makes too much money (“Outrageous salary,” Sunday Monitor, Oct. 6). He points out that Concord Hospital is a nonprofit and gets tax breaks, but I wonder if Bisson realizes that it provides millions of dollars in charitable services each year.

Pamela McGrath is “furious” and calls Republicans’ courageous stand to protect the people who elected them as “criminal negligence” (“Reckless indifference,” Sunday Monitor, Oct. 6). I would argue that they are patriotically responsible. Perhaps her anger would be better aimed at James Madison and our founders for realizing centuries ago that someday we might need this kind of protection from ideological statists.

Richard Foss calls Republicans “childish” and believes that Republicans took a “my way or the highway” (“Spoiled children,” Monitor, Oct. 2). Did President Obama not say: “I will not negotiate”? Now that sounds like “my way or the highway” to me. Progressives constantly preach “tolerance” and “inclusion,” accusing others of being “mean-spirited.” This Obama recession has placed a lot of strain on people in general. I can understand the added angst and pressure, but I also think that progressives should practice what they preach.



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Bill, on the surface this appears to be a well written letter but that is where it stops. You seem to feel that the word extortionists was somehow inappropriate. That is a rather one sided view on what really was going on. Ever since the ACA passed the GOP and the TP has tried at every turn to kill the law and has failed. By maintaining this stance without regard for any consequences it did amount to political blackmail. Extortionists may be too strong of a word but if it quacks like a duck. As for "ideological statists" surely you are talking about the faction within the GOP that was using any means possible to advance their agenda. You can't dispute the use of the phrase "our way or the highway" in describing the TP, they were the ones that first used the phrase to describe their attitude towards compromise. I suppose that you would also consider those southern democrats opposed to the US Gov'ts forced destruction of segregation as patriots as well. The only sane thing I have heard in the past 2 weeks was Jeb Bush's call for calmer heads. Specifically, his demand that the GOP come in with an alternative to the ACA if they want to defeat it. There is so much wrong with the law that should be fixed, why not stop all the fear mongering and falsehoods about the flawed law. Lets fix it and get a workable law in place. To replace it with nothing is not an intelligent option. But otherwise the letter was refreshingly lacking the juvenile name calling that is so predominant now.

Problem solved. Here is the framework for a bill. Medical savings accounts which allow people to take a high deductible insurance plan and put away say $300-$400 per month to defray the cost of the deductible. Next, allow people to write off all medical bills against their income starting at $500 (it is a % now after $7000), incentivize companies offering insurance with tax breaks, give drug companies the option on patents on their drugs. Now, after a period of time they have to surrender the exclusive right and allow others to make generic versions. Give them a 5 year exclusive generic patent after the brand name one runs out so that they can offer the medicine cheaper and still get a return on their investment. If a family goes in for annual physicals, innoculations and tests, have a place on the income tax form and give them a 5% break on their income tax up to $100,000 income, 2% break up to $250,000 income and 1% break up to $500,000. There are so many things you can do to fix healthcare but Obamacare is not one of them.

Well answered, so how come no one on the GOP side saw fit to propose changes before the ACA. Why did it take a democrat driven bill to start the process. Oh wait, there is no GOP process just complaints. Now for the downside to your answer. It does nothing to help those that don't have the resources or income for food and shelter, nor any chance to save even a fraction of your $300 -$400. By using tax incentives you are in essence still financing insurance with tax money. We need to somehow reign in costs, our health care costs are the highest in the world and no longer even in the top 10. I agree that Obamacare is not the answer, but in the absence of any other proposed ideas, it was at least an attempt toward some reform. Next we should have both parties work to address weaknesses and deficiencies in the present law. Energy is better spent solving an issue than just fighting on principle. Talking is a start.

We can fix the mess NObama and the progressive liberal democrats have wrought on the country but how do we fix a leftist media that has created such a low information democrat voter. America is normally a self righting ship but with the media leaning so far to the left the righting of the capsized ship is challenging. The progressive liberal democrats have created a unsustainable cradle to grave ObamaPhone "gimmie" society and we are now on the edge of the death of the Republic due to the fact that the taker unproductive in society will soon outnumber the productive sector of society and then they will vote themselves the taking of all treasures

Well we could start by fixing the juvenile name calling that permeates our society. NObama, now really are we in grade school. The next thing would be to do away with the equally sophomoric view that our country is composed of real Americans and everyone else is a leftist progressive low information voter. It is this attitude that is leading to the death of the republic. This country was built by compromise and you just don't get it. No one political party is capable of running the republic as you say, as a matter of fact if that were to happen it would cease to be a republic and become a fascist state. Check the definition of fascist state. I fail to grasp your labeling of all media as leftist. There is a difference between leftist and liberal, they are not mutually inclusive descriptors. Having lived thru the Thomson years, I can tell you that the Monitor was and always has had a liberal slant, for balance we had the Union Leader and this has suited us. No intelligent voter relies on one source for truth so what is your problem with media? A person that is so focused on one viewpoint and one set of beliefs is what I would consider to be a low information voter.

I nominate this letter for letter of the year. Accurate, to the point. Certain to get the usual suspect foaming at the mouth and howling. Great letter Bill!!!

Agreed! Now move on to the letter writer who is concerned about killing a mouse....

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