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Letter: Paranoid? No way!

Re “The last battle of World War II” (Sunday Monitor Forum, Oct. 6):

When Grant Bosse proclaims the “devolution of the secretive, paranoid and incompetent Obama administration into Nixon’s third term,” laying the blame for the recent budget impasse at the feet of the Democrats and refuting Harry Reid’s view that the House Republican proposals were stunts, it’s time to respond.

Here is Richard Nixon’s message to Congress on Feb. 6, 1974: “Three years ago, I proposed a major health insurance program to the Congress, seeking to guarantee adequate financing of health care on a nationwide basis. . . . Today the need is even more pressing because of the higher costs of medical care.” Just a reminder of Republicans’ hypocrisy.

Thirty-nine years later, here are excerpts from a Freedom Works “coalition letter”: “Congress must defund Obamacare before it is too late.” “Although the Obama administration and others will argue the (continuing resolution) is not the appropriate legislative vehicle to defund Obamacare, it is easily done through a series of appropriation riders. Because the CR represents one of the best vehicles possible to delay the implementation of Obamacare, it must not be used to bargain on the upcoming sequester” – that is, save this strategy for the fall budget crisis. The document outlines a “Blueprint to Defunding Obamacare.” It is signed by Ed Meese and a cast of conservative lobbyists.

Who’s “paranoid”? Looks like a series of stunts, planned long in advance. If Bosse doesn’t want the government to “scrape by on barely more than they received the year before,” but presumably make do with less, then why should anyone else? He ought never hope for a raise. And perhaps he could explain how the Park Service (or the National Institutes of Health or Department of Defense) can save the money he implies they have too much of.



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