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Letter: Shooting match is popular because it’s fun!

Ray Duckler’s column in the Sunday Monitor (“Beneficiary of the climate,” Local & State page, Oct. 20) gave readers a good look at the practical shooting event held over the weekend at Pioneer Sportsmen club in Dunbarton.

This event was called the Live Free or Die New Hampshire International Defensive Pistol Association State Championship, conducted in accordance with IDPA rules.

Unfortunately, Paul Erhardt (a spokesman for IDPA, and not a member of Pioneer Sportsmen), seemed to attribute the popularity of the event to the current political “climate” regarding gun control. While it may be true that everything can be viewed through a political lens these days, for Erhardt to remark, “It’s been a huge benefit to us,” misses the point in a breathtaking manner.

Practical shooting matches are popular for the same reason as other sports: They’re a lot of fun! People participate for recreation, and as a form of entertainment, just like they do for any other outdoor sporting activity.

When I founded the IDPA program at Pioneer in 1997, I wasn’t sure it would catch on; however, it’s become the club’s most well-attended activity. (By the way, these events have always been open to the public.) Furthermore, our current IDPA chairman, Ken Lambert, did an outstanding job with this past weekend’s state match!

Over the years, Pioneer Sportsmen has used these type of events to raise thousands of dollars for various organizations, such as Make A Wish Foundation, pediatric cancer research, breast cancer research, and the Chaplain Emergency Relief Fund.



(The writer is a former president of Pioneer Sportsmen, and was match director for the first IDPA state Cchampionship in 1998.)

Legacy Comments2

Of course the usual gun-loving advocates like Hunter Dan fail to realize that in the "real world" - as organizations like the IDPA fail to acknowledge - "self defense" can come in many different forms other than the use of a firearm.

Thanks Mike. It's good to know that there's another person out there who understands that not everything is - or should be - political.

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