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Letter: President, Senate ignore the will of the people

Re “More like British Loyalists” (Monitor letter, Oct. 15):

Jonathan Cohen is correct in stating that the will of the people was made clear when they elected members of Congress in 2012. However, his conclusion that it was a mandate for the Affordable Care Act belies the truth.

Following the enactment of the law by the 111th Congress in March 2010 by means of the reconciliation process, not the normal congressional process, there have been two national election cycles. In the fall of 2010 citizens overwhelmingly voted their opposition to the law by electing House candidates who had run on an announced position against the law and the way in which it was enacted. Then again in 2012 the majority of citizens reaffirmed their opposition to the Affordable Care Act by voting to retain a House that contained members who ran in opposition to the law. The patriots have indeed spoken loud and clear, but it is the president and the Senate, not the House, that refuse to listen to the will of the people.



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ObamaKare law remains utterly illegitimate. Obamacare’s Hideous History......

That’s a fascinating concept, Mr. Schneck: folks who oppose the Affordable Care Act are ipso facto “patriots” and those who don’t want to repeal the ACA are presumably NOT patriots. I’m thrilled that you have come up with a simple test to determine which of us are patriots and which of us are not. But I fear that there are a few problems with your nuanced analysis about “the will of the people”. First, "the majority of citizens” did NOT vote for the Republican members of the House in 2012, as you assert, at least according to several analyses I’ve seen. Because of the demographic make-up of the House districts (according to the Cook Political Report, for example) House Democrats got 1.17 million votes more than their Republican counterparts. Stated another way the Dems won 50.59 percent of the vote even though they won just 46.21 percent of seats. The National Republican Congressional Committee did not dispute these findings. More fundamentally, you seem to have overlooked the inconvenient fact that in 2012 President Obama won a majority of the popular votes. I’m reasonably certain that the majority who chose Obama were aware that he was a supporter of Obamacare. But please don’t let the facts get in the way of a good rant.

Even better. Thanks for taking the time to look up the facts that I knew were out there but didn't pursue before writing my comment below.

So good to see the liberals are sticking their necks out for ObamaKare. Prepare to be the butt of a lot of jokes in the very near future. The gaggle of Obama Zombies all walking and twitching around saying yes we can yes we can yes we can (Destroy America).

Pretty sure you missed the patriots reference in the letter Schneck cited. Also pretty sure the House of Rep is based on population..and when the democrats lose 63 seats to can be sure something big just happened.

I'm trying to imagine what would have happened if, when this country was formed, the nacent government had put everything out for a vote. For example, what if they had asked the people to decide whether there should be taxes for support of the government? What if the people, at the time, voted no? Somethings need to be be decided by government, for the benefit of all of the people. Some indivduals may grumble about the ACA now, but it will benefit the country as a whole - the same way that income taxes, social security, and Medicare benefit the country as a whole. Congress and the president are not elected to literally "do the will of the people" on every matter that comes before them. Sometimes they must be the visionaries that rise above individual, ego-centric desires of consituents and do what's right for the country.

Never mind how many would have voted for slavery or segregation. Look how long it took for women to get the vote. Obama got 5 million more votes that Romney, and altogether Dem congress people got more votes than Reps if that is the criteria he wants to use .

One only needs to look at this map to deflate Tillies narrative:

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