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Letter: Herschlag for Ward 2

Allan Herschlag has given unselfishly of his time and expertise regarding all variety of matters brought up by the city council and city departments. When questioning the outcome involved in a particular decision, he does the research, presents the facts and often simply states the obvious that somehow has been overlooked.

He holds no private agenda, other than the interests of Concord residents and/or those who might be most severely impacted by hasty and poor decisions. In matters of large financial consequence, Herschlag is intimately familiar with the various financing methods. Questions he presents can be provocative, as they should. Rather than waste government money, Herschlag often speaks to the alternative. He provides oversight and challenges those flawed results of studies and critical aspects of designs produced by city-retained professionals.

Herschlag is extremely well-informed. His insight is objective and points directly to the issue, no smokescreens. He seeks greater accountability and improved efficiencies in our local government. He must. Too often we hear of decisions after the fact that provide for the vision of a few yet present a considerable detriment to many – or simply do not work. I can also assure you that he will not be a “rubber stamp.”

To those folks in Ward 2, please consider Herschlag as your candidate of choice and make that vote. Herschlag is a credit to the community and deserves the opportunity to speak and vote on our city council.



Legacy Comments1

Why is the obvious somehow overlooked and needing to be stated? Because two essential elements have too long been absent at City Hall: conscience and backbone. Al is very experienced and knowledgeable, but it takes conscience and backbone to do the hard work of speaking truth to power. Conscience and backbone are Al’s stock-in-trade.

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