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Letter: A more disastrous rollout

Now that an extreme faction has failed in its attempt to defund Obamacare and wasted $24 billion by some estimates, the same folks are rooting for the Affordable Care Act to fail under its own weight.

They criticize the rollout of a potentially lifesaving and money-saving program while forgetting their own rollout of a product not that long ago: the invasion of Iraq. That rollout not only cost America $1 trillion but took the lives of American soldiers and untold numbers of innocent Iraqi citizens. Some Republicans contend that Obamacare will cost jobs and ruin the economy. Their products, two wars and the deregulation of the banking industry, brought the country to its knees in 2008.

Time will tell if the Affordable Care Act will succeed. When the data are in, the country can decide if it wants this product or not. I believe Americans will, a great deal more than they wanted the endless war and financial chaos of the last Republican administration.

For some extremists, there is a personal desire to bring down President Obama because they believe he is not “one of us.” Some still fly the Conferderate flag, a symbol of racism and treason. To that group, I say get over your hatred and join with the rest of us who envision a diverse country where affordable health care is not a luxury for the few but the right of all.



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The Forbes column has provided a clear explanation that the economy will suffer no loss from the government shutdown. One's common sense should tell you the $24 Billion estimate was a false baloney story. Needless to say that fable was foist upon the electorate to bamboozle their proletariats.

Well, you are correct Sail. It was a baloney story but those progressives who are Hell bent to 'fundamentally" change this country into a socialist state will do anything to spread propaganda. They might fool the low information voters but they can't fool those who can see the obvious. The entire Obama presidency has been built on a fable.

Remember when Obama and the democrats were all about no outsourcing of jobs? Yeah, then came the Obamacare website, designed by a Canadian company...

...A Canadian company run by Michelle NObama's classmate and was awarded with no bidding. In addition, this company was awarded the $2 billion Sandy Hurricane Recovery Funds that you will read has been a colossal about the failure rate of this company :

These pro ObamaKare letters are so amusing. So little thought given and all talking points. News flash ObamaKare is costing jobs. If you are out looking for a job or are sicking and tired of your part time job you know ObamaKare is a job killer. Just a couple of weeks ago Republicans were reasonably proposing a delay in the ObamaKare individual mandate as part deal to end the shudown Heartless Harry Reid and his minions like Jeanne Shaheen said a very loud NO! Now with the horrendous ObamaKare Roll vulnerable senate democrats who are up for re-election next can't come to the microphone fast enough to say they are in favor of delay in the ObamaKare individual mandate. Contrary to the misinformation put out in this letter the real extremist, extortionists, hostage takes are democrats like Heartless Harry Reid and Jeanne Shaheen, you can also include Anne Kuster and Carol Shea-Porter which is why we need to vote them out in November of 2014.

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