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Letter: Shut down Bow coal plant

The local efforts to rid our county of the polluting effects of coal-generated electricity have been recently bolstered by information indicating the rapid growth of alternative sources of energy.

The Oct. 7 issue of Time Magazine describes a revolution of alternative energy sources in the United States. We do not need the polluting effects of coal for electricity generation.

Though natural gas is not ideal, it would have much less of a cost on our environment and can even be a stopgap as we develop clean sources, such as wind, solar, and geothermal.

Quoting from Dave Unger in the Christian Science Monitor, the “mash-up of energy industry and information technology” promises an energy reduction and production boom that parallels the oil and gas boom that previously transformed the energy landscape. Gregg Dixon, senior president of marketing and sales at EnerNoc, echoes this, saying that “the energy efficiencies potential alone is larger than the entire proven reserves under the sands of Saudi Arabia.”

In short, we have many alternatives to polluting coal-fired power plants. It is time to close Merrimack Station in Bow, for our health and from that of our children and grandchildren.



Legacy Comments4

Critical thinking people don't destroy or get rid of something that works before they have in place that can replace it in full. I wouldn't call liberals critical thinkers.

So, replacing the coal with natural gas would be a conservative thought??

Natural gas works. It would also perserve American Jobs. Problem is the Global Wrming Hoaxers won't like that because CO2 might be omitted. You know like when every human exhales.

I suspect that some are uneducated about PEAK power supply...maybe the CM could do an article why that plant is an absolute must to prevent blackouts

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