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Letter: Smart argument on wind power

I want to salute Penny Platts’s recent letter to the editor (“Wind project is good for Danbury, Alexandria,” Monitor, Oct. 24). She certainly barks up the right tree. Instead of fossil-fueling our way to get rich, the time has come to achieve the vital objective of fueling our planet in other, better, wiser ways. Platts reports that everyone stands to gain if only we do what would qualify as communal common sense.

Let’s end our dependence on foreign oil and our foolish ways to pollute our environment yet more. Not only will wind power help us achieve our goal of making our planet more livable, but, says Platts, it pays back in terms of dollars and cents as well.

Can you imagine the Wild Meadows wind plant outlined by her contributing $800,000 to Danbury and Alexandria’s town coffers! Think what could happen if other municipalities joined in.

I am no less an advocate for our planet’s health. If we don’t take care of ourselves, who will? Even if this is not to come about for 100 years, I want to go in the right direction. And the right direction is by now, or should be, a no-brainer.

Recycle, bicycle, do your disposables well, and listen to your heart.



Legacy Comments1

Tim is right; wind power can lead us to increased energy independence and more overall sustainability while reducing costs and pollution, especially carbon dioxide emissions, an important contributor to climate change. Diversity is the key to any healthy energy mix, and wind power contributes to the grid in a way that is both cost-competitive and environmentally responsible. The fact that wind turbines use no fuel and virtually no water allows them to avoid potentially volatile fluctuations in fuel prices, helping insulate ratepayers from price shocks and adding consistency to the grid. With more than 550 manufacturing facilities in more than 40 states, wind power has proven itself a reliable, clean, and affordable way to create jobs, promote economic development, and help secure our energy independence. Peebles Squire American Wind Energy Association

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