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Letter: No laughing matter

Re “Birch and Finch” (Monitor Forum, Nov. 2):

Outrageous – Monitor cartoonist Mike Marland making a joke out of New Hampshire residents losing their doctors. How insensitive, how uncaring. Equating the loss of one fictional character losing his doctor to that of thousands of real New Hampshire residents losing their doctors because of Obamacare is just ridiculous and just goes to show how extreme Marland and the Monitor will go to provide cover for Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and Reps. Annie Kuster and Carol Shea-Porter.

Marland’s fantasyland ignores facts coming out of his own newspaper. The Monitor reported that 40 percent of all New Hampshire hospitals and their affiliated doctors will not participate in Anthem’s network of health care providers available for people who purchase insurance through the new Obamacare exchange, including Concord Hospital. That means a lot of real people will be losing their doctors and be forced to go miles out of their way to get health care.

AP reports that an estimated 20,000 New Hampshire residents will lose their health insurance because of Obamacare, which is no laughing matter. I wonder how Marland and the Monitor are going to spin the fraud that was perpetrated on the American people.

In speech after speech after speech we were told that if you like your doctor and your health care plan, you can keep them. Period! How many more people will lose their doctors and health plans when the employer mandate kicks in conveniently after the 2014 elections? If Marland is looking for a real joke, he can make fun of the tiny number of people who actually signed up for Obamacare versus the sticker shock of millions of people who are going to take a pass on Obamacare.



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Don't forget Van that this is the same guy who cartooned Bush flying the economy into the WTC towers. You either have character, principles, morals and ethics or you don't. Unfortunately, Mike seems to fall into that category. To make money on the misery and suffering of others defines this so called man. It is no laughing matter.

Obamanista advocates say, in effect: "NObamaKare is awesome - you will grow to love it. Period." If you believe this, your credulity is impervious to evidence. And you probably are a progressive. Or as Hillary said - "it takes a willing suspension of disbelief:

Yes, people have lost their insurance, and will be forced to take new policies. Welcome to the free market health care system. Where was your outrage 30 years ago?

Thirty years ago my insurance was 100% covered by my company and it was fantastic. Not so much now with Obamacare , a law based on a big lie and more lies to come.

AH, if we all could just go back thirty years ago, when everything was just hunky-dory and Saint Ronnie reigned supreme. Alas time marches on. You definitely are a conservative, Van, everything was just so much better in the old days. Health care in America was perfect for people like you and Itsa I don't know why they just couldn't leave it alone.

No Tillie everything was not better in the old days. Do you remember Jimmy Carter's horrific 4 years as president. The Carter years are just like the Obama years and it is going to have to take a Conservative like Ronald Reagan to get us out of the hole that Obama dug us.

Hey Van....Update...."A Truly Wicked Blow: Jimmy Carter Hammers Obama for Ineptness"

Outrageous! How insensitive! How uncaring! I assumed you must be talking about the Republican party and how hard they have been trying to stop the American people from having health insurance.

So far, the stats say the democrats are the ones stopping people from having health insurance.

Still waiting for the Republican plan.

Tillie get with the facts, more people have lost their insurance because of Obamacare than because of Obamacare. Good try, you might have touched a low information voter out there without any critical thinking skills.

More people have signed up for the newest private venture that will take them into SPACE than have signed up for NObamaKare

We obviously need an edit button again. How about trying again on this one. BTW - the biggest sign of a low information voter is the voter that longs for the straight ticket - no thinking, just check a box.

Kuster wasn't in office when the ACA passed and became law of the land. Nobody said it would be perfect at the get go. Personally, I tend to think that our Health Insurance companies, who pretty much were all against the ACA from the moment it was proposed, purposely have created as much SNAFU and deliberately sabotaged as much as they could, to provide plenty of ammunition for the anti-ACA mouths to use. These insurance companies have had several years to prepare for all of this, they could easily have decided to cause as many problems as possible, with the hopes of turning the average American against the act. Repeal is the goal, back to the way it was, maximize those profit margins! Health care is all about profits and CEO year end bonuses.

GND, Kuster supports it with her votes and her words. It is we replace her. Also nice try with the democrat talking points. No one is buying it.

FALSE talking points at that. Now you know what fills liberals minds

Van out scoops the Concord Monitor (Tens of thousands of People in NH are possibly losing their healthcare because of Obamacare) . The Union Leader had this on the front page: The Monitor will do its best to keep their readers as little informed as possible.

A person should never rely on one source for their information. As for your scoop, "...of thousands of People in NH are possibly losing their healthcare..." The key word is POSSIBLY, oh so dramatic.

All a political cartoonist can hope for from his audience is a reaction. Any reaction. With Van, Marland certainly gets his monies worth.

Double D - just loving a one note, no talent cartoonist that only has only thing on his mind like drone wasp.

Now if we reworked your response a bit I think we could also apply that observation to to include commentors in place of cartoonists.

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