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Letter: Say no to Thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving turkeys have nothing to be thankful for. Turkeys slaughtered today are forced to live for months in sheds with hundreds of other birds. Each has 3 square feet – so little space that they cannot flap a wing or stretch a leg. They stand in their own wastes, lungs and eyes burned from the urine ammonia stench.

Because factory-farmed turkeys are so stressed that they self-mutilate and cannibalize, the industry routinely slices off a portion of their upper beaks and toes with a hot blade, without anesthesia. As a result of their mutilated beaks, million of turkeys drown in their water dishes or starve to death. Between 10 and 15 percent of the birds perish in the sheds from the horrible conditions, merely a loss of profit for the turkey farmers.

Mass-produced turkeys are purposely fed antibiotics, and are genetically manipulated to gain an enormous amount of weight in a short time, causing crippled feet, painful swollen joints and heart attacks.

At the slaughterhouse, turkeys are hung upside-down by their weak, crippled legs. Their heads are dragged through an electrified “stunning tank” which often immobilizes them, but does not kill them. Many birds dodge this tank, and are fully conscious when their throats are slit. If the blade misses its mark, the turkeys are boiled alive in the tank of scalding water used for feather removal.

This year, forgo the mutilated, tortured turkey and feast on gourmet holiday foods made entirely from the plant kingdom with zero cholesterol. Your arteries and kitchen will be cleaner without all that animal fat and grease.

For a free packet of cruelty-free, delicious holiday recipes, phone 224-1361.



Legacy Comments1

What if the turkey you eat on Thanksgiving lived it's entire life in the woods as nature intended? And that bird died instantly without knowing any terror at all? And what if the person dispatching that turkey was engaged in a legal, licensed activity which is the only proven way to efficiently control wildlife populations? And what if the very existence of that bird in our state was courtesy of those very people who enter the woods to try and kill them twice a year each year? and what if those same folks who saved this bird from extirpation also donate thousands of pounds of high-protein food to homeless shelters in the state each year? Or better yet, what if you consider that BIG CORN, BIG TOFU and BIG VEGGIE cause plenty of death and destruction every year through “culling nuisance pests” that eat their crops, “harvest machine fatalities” and simple deforestation and destruction of natural wildlife habitat in order to make more crop fields?

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