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Letter: No secret ballot for me

I was denied access to vote privately and independently at my polling booth, at Ward 7 in Concord Tuesday. Under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, local governments receiving federal grants are to provide equal access to voting for persons with disabilities.

As a person who happens to be blind, the only option offered to me was to have a sighted person fill in the ballot for me. This is not fair or equal access, and I chose not to vote. There are accessible voting machines readily available to the city of Concord.

The Americans with Disabilities Act has been in place since 1990. Where is the leadership at city hall on this issue?

The right to a secret ballot is what being an American citizen is all about.



(The writer is senior vice president of the New Hampshire Association for the Blind.)

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Sorry about your loss. How would you be able to vote without the help from a sighted person ?

Sorry about your loss.

Its nutty the technology and machines are already available. They were just not used. I am sad that making these available was not a priority. It was a simple election. I am a sighted person that tries the use the machines when I can. I can vote without having to get a friend, family member, or poll worker know who i vote for why can't my daughter who is blind be given the same basic right.

This is a sad story. We need to give people choices on how they can vote. The blind person can't have someone they trust fill out the ballot for them? We need to come up with a way?

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