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Letter: Gross hypocrisy from the GOP

We have been hearing the rantings and ravings of Republicans regarding the Affordable Care Act. They couldn’t defeat the president in the 2012 elections with the American voters knowing full-well that President Obama wanted health care coverage for everyone at an affordable cost. Republicans tried more than 40 times to repeal the law with no results other than shutting down the government at a cost of more than $24 billion. Some were even willing to force the United States to default on its obligations!

Now that the ACA website is up and running all we hear from Republicans is that Obama was wrong, misled the public or, worse, lied! Where were these Republicans when President Bush told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and the United States was in imminent danger of attack? If I recall correctly there were no calls for hearings or investigations, no calls for Bush administration officials to resign, no call for “repealing” the war – just silence.

It’s one thing to be wrong/mislead/lie about a website and some clauses in the ACA. It’s something else to be wrong/mislead/lie about starting a war that cost the lives of thousands of Americans, thousands more maimed and mentally scarred, and even more thousands of dead Iraqis, not to mention billions of dollars spent on a war that was started because of the Bush administration being wrong/misleading/lying.

As far as I know not one person has died because of a bad website. Many politicians tend to be hypocrites, but the Republicans are the Einsteins of hypocrisy!



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Quote: "As far as I know not one person has died because of a bad website" Because of the NOobamaKare massive debacle Kerry and NObama are desperate for a win and they betrayed Israel setting them up for annihilation. In the annals of "it takes on to know one" The Socialist French saw what Socialist Obama was up to and nixed the disaster in waiting. people will die as NObama is so desperate for a win

The intelligence on Iraq and WMD was weak, but everybody believed it--Democrats, Republicans, the U.S. and the Brits. The real issue is that Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld et al were determined to invade Iraq, as an act of blind vengeance for 9/11. The Iraq War made no sense then. It still doesn't. Cooler heads did not prevail, as they might have if Clinton had still been president. The neo-con chicken hawks were in charge of war policy, and thought they could remake the Middle East with a war. The press, after 9/11, with a few notable exceptions (McClatchy papers, for one) rolled over for the administration. The rest is history, and none of it reflects well on our nation.

Its never good when the press rolls over for any administration....even worse when it turns into cheerleading...

There was more to it than just faulty intelligence, there was the forged yellowcake papers and the outing of Valerie Plame by Cheney's office because her husband Joe Wilson came out with the truth. Cheney wanted to invade Iraq and nothing was going to stop him.

I love the Left's defense of Obama "Well....welll...uhhh....welll. Bush lied about WMDs?" Really. The old lie about Bush lying about WMDs, that's the argument? How pathetic. That Lefty lie was was proved to be just that a long time ago-- The truth is that the whole world thought Saddam had WMDs -- and every intelligence agency, as well as world leaders and politicians including Clinton were on record as saying he had them....Even Saddams own generals thought he had WMDs and were shocked to find out he had none a scant few weeks before the invasion...his own Generals! So the Left calling Bush a liar over WMDs has always beeb tantamount to someone having a gun pointed at them, and that someone shooting the person and then finding out the gun wasn't loaded. Did that person "lie" about the threat. Of course not. And neither did Bush on WMDs. On the other hand, Obama used a lie over and over again to engineer the governemnt takeover of 1/6th the economy and strip millions of Americans of their rights to free choice re. their own healthcare. Only the truly twisted freaks on the Left would give Obama a pass on his "Goebel's-worthy" Lies

In the aftermath of 9/11, Bush and company used intelligence that they knew was weak to push the nation into a war against a sovereign nation that had nothing to do with 9/11. They did this believing the war would be a cakewalk, and that it would remake the Middle East--creating a free-market democracy at the point of a gun. The cost so far is tens of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. And you label Obama's 'lies' (your words, not mine) about the ACA "Gobels-worthy"? Give me a break. The ACA may be flawed, but it at least was an attempt to grapple with a healthcare system that leaves millions uninsured, that is more costly than any other nation's, and produces worse outcomes than those supposedly "socialized" systems of other advanced nations. Instead, all the right has offered is empty and over-blown rhetoric, and false and distorted claims, in defense of a system badly in need of wholesale reform.

anybody else notice Bruce has no source for his claims

You were free to contest any of the claims in my post--and this is what you came up with?

100% hypocrite - you are so easy - it fun

Not a very good example of hypocrisy. Here is a list of democrats that said there were weapons of mass distruction in Iraq: Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi: Here is Snope of accuracy, something liberal hypocrites wouldn't know if it was right in front of them:

Nice job Van......checkmate, end of discussion. Obamacare has nothing to do with Iraq and the shutdown did not cost $24 billion.

You have obviously confused check with checkmate. Yes Obamacare has nothing to do with Iraq, but no one ever said they did. The claims were the issue and because of spin we did not know about the lie until after the fact. You do have me confused though, exactly where does this issue of government shutdown cost come from. I have yet to find any post shutdown reports that don't use the $24 billion dollar figure and that includes Faux news and breitbart. Ate you two privy to some info the rest of us are ignorant of?

If one doesn't know exactly who made the $24 Billion guesstimate (Standard & Poors) then one did not look into the internals of how they created their guess. HINT : There are no metrics that can be sourced to create their guess. It is NOT quantifiable. Hence the reason why we have low information voters.

Regarding the cost of the shutdown: you have another figure of which you're certain? Then make the case. But no such claim should be accepted just because. And since when did S & P become a biased, progressive estimator?

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