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Letter: We can’t trust him

If President Obama cannot take responsibility for repeatedly misleading the American people about losing their medical insurance coverage, he should step down. Barack Hussein Obama is the president of these United States, and if his word can no longer be trusted, he is no longer an effective president and he should excuse himself from the office.



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Reply to bruce below ..You said "and for his mis-statements regarding policies. "

Obama has taken responsibility for the disastrous roll-out of the ACA website, and for his mis-statements regarding policies. He's apologized twice, which if memory serves is two more times than Bush2 did for any of the lies his administration told in regard to waging a war of choice that cost trillions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives, or for pursuing a domestic agenda that helped produced the Great Recession. Cancelled policies would be a non-issue had the ACA website been working properly. Those whose policies were being cancelled because they didn't meet the new ACA requirements would likely have found better policies at the same or cheaper prices.There is no excuse for the screw-ups, and Kathryn Sebelius will likely be leaving in a few months. Posters who prattle on and on about "lies" have a curious lack of perspective regarding lies vs. "damned lies" and selective memories of the past.

Even if I agreed with you about Bush, this is not about Bush. Obama has exposed himself as a liar. His lack of leadership is stunning. He denies not knowing anything about Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the Obamacare website and on and on. His administration and tenure as president has been about ego, narcissism and lies. Bush is history, this is now. Many things Bush did aggravated me, I can't change that now. I can, however work with others to fix the mess that Obama has put us in. It is simply not true that ACA offered or offers less expensive policies. Again, two wrongs don't make a right. This is now, Obama lied NOW and we can't forget the pain and hardship this has caused millions who are in the middle of losing coverage, middle of treatment, have doctors who have them on a solid treatment plan and now they will lose their coverage, etc.

Itsa, I have read your posts for many years, that said it seems that you have had nothing good to say about Obama. You have faithfully, to a fault, supported the conservative hard line about never cooperating with this president. The thing is it is also Sail, and GWTW do the exact same. I agree the website is a total mess, but it will get straightened out. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the developers purposely put code in to sabotage it. And don't say it's not possible. You will work with others but not Obama?

Bruce is akin to the orchestra continuing to play as the Titanic sinks

Obama has transformed into a pathological liar right in front of us. It is one lie after another. Yes Obama is about as far from being trustworthy as possible.

48% of the people knew that he had ZERO Executive experience and was nothing more than a carnival huckster, 100% pure non statesman politician without a leadership bone in his body. PT Barnum had a quote about the other fools that voted for NObama

Well he must have done something right to get reelected? Or more precisely, the GOP screwed the country over so bad that even a first term senator with little to no experience was better than more of the same. As for the second term, if the dim bulbs with the GOP could have fielded someone better than "I'll tell you what you want to hear" Mitt we may not be having this conversation. In either case you can thank those that brought us 2008 for our predicament today. How's it feel being at the root of the problem? Before you hit reply with the usual Mauser1 is off base, check your history. And be thankful for the cowards shield, anonymity.

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