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Letter: The sky is not falling!

An acorn falls on Chicken Little’s head, the story goes, and she convinces all the other birds that “the sky is falling!” The end result? A fox convinces them to take shelter in his den and then eats them all.

Today we have self-proclaimed “conservatives” bellowing that if the Affordable Care Act succeeds, “the sky will fall!”

Consider for a moment that if the ACA succeeds it will mean that thousands who have no or illusory health insurance will actually get meaningful health insurance. Consider that these conservatives have been working tirelessly to convince anyone within earshot that if the ACA succeeds, “the sky will fall!” Consider that these same conservatives have shown no will to bring the people the protection of meaningful health insurance and, even today, offer no way to accomplish this other than the ACA.

Chicken Little had the excuse of being a birdbrain. The conservatives who continually cry, “the sky is falling!” don’t have that excuse; they get paid by the fox.



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I can only speak from my personal experience. For the first time in over 20 years as an educator I'm worried about my health coverage. Although I'm sure that will make many of the usual suspects on here quite happy.

No, Hunter, I am not smiling. It is impacting all of us and it really is un-American.


I can only speak for our personal experiences. As of January our out of pocket insurance costs for two adults will go down and we will still have the same coverage we've had for several years. Our daughter will retain her employer provided plan that she's had for years and both our son and his wife will continue with their employer provided plan at no added cost. As I understand the law there are many plans that don't meet the standards and will no longer be available...and rightly so. I can't help but remember when we had to fight with BC/BS to pay for mammograms. One would think preventive testing is cheaper in the long run but considering the state of health insurance then it wasn't surprising. So many people jumping on the band wagon proclaiming the ACA to be a "train wreck" and total failure before it was even off the ground. The same arguments were used when Social Security was first enacted (oh yes it was, look it up) and now we all depend on it for part of our retirement planning.

what Obama intended to say - "you can keep your plan if - "I" - like your plan"

The children's story or fable "The Sky is Falling" or the "Boy Who Cried Wolf" teaches us how repeated lies can cause mass hysteria and ensuing damage and how that repeated liar losses all credibility. Well Obama's repeated lies that you can keep your doctor and you can keep your healthcare plan if you like then, period as well as Obama's lies that the average family was going to see their healthcare cost drop an average $2,500 led to the passing of a disastrous bill. Who is the birdbrain now who believed Chicken Little Obama or the Barack Who Cried Wolf?

democrats have taken the debt from 10 trillion to $$$$$ 17 TRILLION even before NObamaKare started. Only a low information voter thinks this cradle to grave entitlement world of the progressives is sustainable.... Yes the sky is about to fall when the democrats bankrupt the USA

Nope, the sky isn't falling, but I don't have health insurance because of the coming of ACA. It was actually 3 years ago that my self-paid insurance plan was terminated, and I was offered new plans. The least expensive plan for my wife and I was $15,000 deductable and no prescription coverage - all for DOUBLE the cost of our previous plan! When the insurance agent asked which plan I wanted, I said NONE, NO, NO, NO. Bye. Before all that, I was neutral on ACA, as I hadn't seen any kind of simple explaination of how it would work. However, I wondered how "everyone" could afford it. I mean, for example, what about that single mother with 3 kids, working at McDonalds? Well, I found how how folks could get insurance... people like me would pay for it!

Insurance companies have been terminating without adequate substitute for decades, long before the ACA was concieved. If you're saying your policy was terminated 3 years ago because of the ACA, I beg to differ. That might have been the excuse the company used, but they were not required to terminate any policies until NEXT year. And... it's important to remember... everyone has been supporting everyone else's medical care for decades as well. Those with insurance have supported those without, and those who actually pay their medical costs out of pocket have done so as well, in the form of higher costs for everyone. All that aside, have you tried shopping on the exchange to see what your options are?

For 85% of the populace this was not an issue. The fact that 15% of the population suck at the nipple of 85% and drain them financially is not the answer. Your fact that everyone has been supporting everyone for years is not a valid argument.......otherwise rates and costs would not be going up. I would rather keep it the way it is. I tried the Kaiser Permanente calculator as if I lost my insurance through my employer. My family plan of $464 would be $881, my $600 deductible turns into a $12,000 deductible. Some deal. Next year if something like my drug co-pay goes up from $20 to $25, it will not qualify under Obamacare rules and I would have to enroll in an exchange. $16,600 would be the cost of insurance and out of pocket. That would be between 16% and 20% of my household income. Now, that is less than my mortgage, 3X a car payment, 3x my property taxes and equal to my income taxes. People getting emergency room care never cost me that much more. Stop blaming this on companies and insurance. It is a flawed ponzi scheme which allows the government to get into your most private area of life.....your health.

I thought republicans were into personal responsibility? Why shouldn't those 15% be personally responsible and get themselves covered by insurance? Isn't that what Obamacare is trying to do - stop the suckling?

Correct but I should not have to pay for them to be self-responsible. That is on them,. If it was cheaper under the old system then let's do that. I am not their parent and I am not their keeper. An additional $16,000 investment on my part will only give me a return of waiting in line with them for less care and waiting longer. We need to stop all of the suckling and that starts with job creation, something that Obama policies are not compatible with.

Only a massive entitlement supporting liberal could make that statement with a straight face

And what about the 1% that's been draining the 99% of its wealth for decades now? The 99% is one giant teat, as far as I can see.

Oh please let's face it the top 10% pay all income taxes in this country. I pay $15,000 and my neighbor pays nothing with a family of 4 earning about $400 per week less than me. The 99% vs 1% is a myth. You could take all of their net worth and it would barely pay the deficit for a week. Propaganda.

Facts for the liberals:"Government policies redistributed more than $2 trillion in income from the top 40 percent of American society to the bottom 60 percent in 2012. Families in the top 1 percent shouldered nearly half of the more than$2 trillion that was redistributed last year. "Welfare Recipients Now Outnumber Full-Time Workers – We’ve Officially and Statistically Flipped The Lifeboat".....how has liberalism worked out for America

Another letter that explains nothing. There are several reasons why many are worried about the ACA. Folks losing their insurance, folks getting put on part time hours, and the cost. There also seems to be many who do not want to discuss what is going on. but instead see everything through a political lens. Many have no clue what is in the ACA. They have no clue what their out of pocket costs will be, nor do they have any clue what happens if enough folks do not sign up on the networks. There is another old saying. Ignorance is Bliss.

You are 100 % Correct.

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