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Letter: Shoved down our throats

I have been employed in New Hampshire by the same company for 13 years. The company I work for is rated by Business New Hampshire magazine as in the top 10. Although the wages at this company are lower than those in Massachusetts, the benefit package offered by my company has always made up for that fact.

We employees were recently called to a meeting to explain that because of the new health care act our company is going to enroll us into a benefit package that will raise my co-pay, and cut benefits. Our current plan is considered a “Cadillac plan.” And I cannot blame the company for its choice. I can, however, reflect my unhappiness at the polls in the next election, as it seems no one in Washington has any respect for the working people in this country. I am sure that many will be seriously considering actions at the polls, as the conversations at the lunch tables reflect much of the same opinions as myself.

Thanks for nothing to you and all who helped to shove this down our throats.



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Don't you all live technology? It is amusing how it makes us look illiterate. I know some of you get nailed by these features of technology as well. These auto-fill, auto-correct features I wish I knew how to turn off. In this reply I just put up, "go" was turned to "to", and "few" to "fear" .

Actually insurance companies have been doing this to people for several years now, it is not something new, never seen, before the implementation of the ACA. They are now doing it to the masses. Because for them, moving you off a plan with copays only (perhaps with a $500 deductible), and on to a plan that has a $5000 deductible before any benefits kick in, increases their profits nicely. It is a political red herring to claim that this practice is all new since the ACA went in to law. Yeah you can keep your old plan too, but it will cost 65% more next year. The insurance company looks at your employer with a straight face. Of course, what choice does your employer have? Then predictably all the anti ACA mouthpieces to off raving their nonsense that lays the blame for this on the act itself. But millions of Americans who have already had this done to them before the past fear months provide all the proof needed to show otherwise. Do some research. Look it up. It isn't very difficult. Now can any of you accept the facts, or is the real motive here, as I suspect, to blame it on Obama again?

Seems like your company has an opportunity to take the savings it will realize on benefits, and put them into increased wages. If your company is not doing that, then it's your company that's screwing you, not the ACA.

More and more evidence how ObamaKare is hurting America by taking taking taking. We need to vote out those who shoved this down our throats.

Ya know those folks who call Obama a socialist? I used to ignore that kind of rant. But now, when those (like myself) who have had health insurance are expected to pay double the cost for less coverage, so others who can't pay anything now have coverage, I see the point.

Charles, that will be happening to over 93 million people in 2015 and I hope that they are smart enought in 2014 and 2016 to vote for those who supported Obamacare. To imagine that the government wants to tax a "cadillac" plan is moronic. Imagine that they don't want people to get coverage that is really 'too good'.

Welcome to the real world. I too worked for a company that had great benefits, but those benefits including the co-pays started going up long before Obama was even a household name. Excuse me while I work up a tear.

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