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Letter: Got troubles? Blame Obamacare!

My property taxes are going up 5 percent – why do Annie Kuster and Carol Shea-Porter support Obamacare?

AT&T just raised my monthly bill an additional $25 – how I hate Obamacare.

My college-educated kid is working full time and qualifies for food stamps – damn that Obamacare.

Walmart just announced that retail sales may be down this Christmas – see what Obamacare has wrought.

My friends got hit by the late-season twister in Illinois – the weather episode was on Page 1,292 of Obamacare.

It sure sounds like a crock, but sadly, one of the above actually suggested it. Yeah, of course, it was Walmart.

Reuters reported last week that “Walmart Stores Inc. on Thursday (Nov. 14) forecast a disappointing profit for the holiday season after reporting its third straight quarterly decline in U.S. comparable sales because of fewer shopper visits.” After announcing the bad news, Walmart’s CEO actually had the chutzpah to suggest that the reason sales were declining was because of Americans’ concerns over the new costs attributable to the rollout of Obamacare. Ironically, as he played the blame game, Walmart’s CEO forgot to mention that its worldwide sales, outside the United States, rose by 13.1 percent, and, on the U.S. front, many of its low-paid workers are forced onto welfare to feed and house their families.



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There you go again Arnie.... making sense and rattling the empty teapots of the former legislature reps. Sure, they had a chance to sit down and discuss this ACA law but now they are having their usual whine with the cheese and crackers of the new laws. BTW, Keep em coming!

Though I don't expect any reasonable, intelligent debate in the replies I see (if any) here is a question for those of you who wake each morning to hope for new ways to blame Obama for something: if this country took every cent paid in to private health insurance policy premiums, and combined this sum with all of the already existing forms of Government subsidized, "socializied" medicine such as Medicare and VA, what percentage of the entire cost of a single payer system, socialized medicine for everyone system, would we have in the pot? How much more would we need to pay for everyone? If your knee jerk reaction to this question is some sort of anti-Government rant, then I challenge you to go find retirees who use Medicare who will stand and tell us all they would rather not be on Medicare at all. Somehow, I tend to think you'll rave off about how evil such a system would be, while you are unable to'produce a single Medicare user who would give up their benefit.

One point has nothing to do with another. Medicare is meant for seniors who do not have the ability to earn income at the same rate that they did in their working years. If you are healthy and able to work, you should find a way to pay for your own health insurance. I know people who say that they can't afford health insurance but have $500 monthly car payments, go to the nail salon and eat out two to three times per week. The choices we make determine out outcome and our outcomes are not and will not be "equal". This country was founded on equal opportunity NOT equal guaranteed outcomes. Honestly, a little more self responsibility and a little less blaming others would do more good for this country than coddling folks who are ever so more dependent.

Arnie, an elite liberal, (that ran for Governor on a extreme liberal Tax and spend and regulate platform) obviously does NOT understand that NObamaKare is an awful piece of legislation that is now proven to be killing American prosperity. 100% a democrat creation not a single Republican vote.

Sorry Arnie, I like some of your work. But you're really reaching with this one. Plagiarizing actually. This letter was already written during the Bush administration . . . although in its original form the reason behind every single problem facing everyone was . . . GEORGE W. BUSH!!!

Arnie, I started reading and then realize when I reached the end that it was all tongue in cheek. We can, however, blame Obama for our economic situation and we can blame people losing insurance and having less to spend now and in the future on Obamacare.

Sorry Van, I fail to see any karma in Wallyword employees collecting food stamps to make ends meet. I used to think chemists were highly educated people.

GDN, Chemists are highly educated people. It is fun to watch other highly educated groups like engineers struggle to understand Chemical concepts. My point is that Obama will rightly blamed for a lot of things because he doesn't hesitate to blame others for things that they aren't responsible for. So those thin skinned people who don't like Obama getting blame for the same things that he blames others for they have to get over it because it is going to happen and it is going to happen in droves.

BTW Arnie...."where are the JOBS???????????????????????????

Good question GWTW. But you misdirected it, you should be asking the GOP Congress, who have blocked/obstructed almost every job bill proposed by the Obama administration. Most Americans, regardless of party, understand this.

Jobs bills are a hoax. Often retraining costs 5X what the people are paid on salary and job programs don't work. Only progressives see it your way. The job of different parties in Congress would be to what? Go along and give the party in power all of the say? I don't think so. I think it is to challenge and block things that they feel a party with a slight majority try to raliroad through. Hey, my sister used to babysit you as a kid, BTW.

the problem is.. if one of those (pick one) Summers of recovery had actually been one, people might actually be getting good full time jobs instead of trying to support a family on minimum wage. But Obama and Arnie believe that the unemployment numbers are going down, so the country is doing much better...THAT...takes some real chutzpah.

Hey Arnie, it is called Karma, what goes around comes around. Get used to it. Obama and the democrats have been blaming all their wows on Bush for for at least a decade. If Obama gets what he deserves he has got another decade of blame get used to it. Now that people have figured out that Obama is not trustworthy and is a pathological liar they will never trust him again.

Walmart might just look at the fact that people are boycotting Walmart for it's failure to pay it's employees a living wage, and depending on taxpayers to subsidise tthem with food stamps and medicare as the reason their US sales are low. They also don't like to say that their overseas sales are 13 % higher.

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