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Letter: An important series

I found the Monitor’s Dec. 8-10 series on the Brotherhood of White Warriors very informative and interesting. I have read extensively about crime in prisons, so the fact that it is now occurring in New Hampshire was not a big surprise.

I disagree with the readers who were aghast that you chose to publish the series. Anyone living in the Concord area should not have missed the Tuesday article explaining how the gangs are now moving into the greater Concord area and have become a threat to the community, not just the state prison. This is important information.

Two other things occurred to me when I read these articles. First, you couldn’t pay me enough to work with these criminals; our corrections officers deserve our respect and more money. If you look at what they get paid, it is not enough; the job is dangerous, very dangerous.

Second, I thought about children in New Hampshire who end up like the men in the articles. As a teacher I see no resources for schools and families to try to stop the cycle. Schools have no one to turn to for help when they have children who show some of the characteristics that these men exhibit. Schools and families cannot do it alone, but if you live here there is little help to turn to when needed. These men grow up to be expensive and a threat to everyone. It is important for the system to offer something before it is too late. Pay now or we will all pay later.



Legacy Comments2

James got it right in my opinion. The people influencing our youth are the parents. Add to that drugging our young energetic boys at younger and younger ages, lack of male figures to teach these boys to become men, and folks expecting boys to behave like girls, then ya have a problem. No wonder they have no clue who they are, what they can attain, or become ignorant because of their environment. These things are an equation for turning out a lot of angry young men. Question is what to do about it.

Excellent letter Susan! I concur with your points. Especially the last one. I see the same cycle afoot in the community I teach in. There are people out there influencing our youth and tempting down this very wrong path. Every once in awhile we see the "handiwork" of these community members when it boils over into racist graffiti, bulling, etc. on our campus. It's awful and it must be stopped.

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