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Letter: Good for Kuster

Second District Rep. Annie Kuster wasn’t playing the silly game of “gotcha” regarding Benghazi at her congressional town meeting.

Republicans don’t want to answer the real questions regarding Middle East deaths. Those of us who trusted Republicans and supported the Iraq war were told there were weapons of mass destruction there. There were no weapons of mass destruction. More than 3,500 U.S. military deaths, more than 30,000 of our military wounded, more than 100,000 civilian casualties, well over $2 trillion drained from our economy, and there were no weapons of mass destruction.

We were hoodwinked by Republicans, and their crocodile tears exploiting Benghazi to play their partisan game of “gotcha” for political gain is outrageous.

Republicans fought paying for the security in Benghazi, and the budget deal that is currently forming in Washington attacks veteran pensions instead of creating another top tax bracket for the Romney rich, who have done very well, while the middle class is in decline.

Kuster wasn’t playing the Fox news gotcha game. And good for her. She was there to have an intelligent discussion. The right-wing abuse of Benghazi is not part of that discourse. It’s exploitation, it’s exploitation of the deaths of our representatives there, and it needs to be stopped, and ignored until then. Good job, Annie Kuster. Iraq has taught us we just can’t trust Republicans. And we have to look no further than contrast the costs of the Iraq war with the costs of Benghazi and how Republicans choose to set their priorities.



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Kuster hasn't the courage, character or independence to face the truth and be truthful with her constituents. She needs to be defeated and stay home where she can do no harm.

A very friendly liberal newspaper to clarify and its story.

I suspect that after reading this letter readers may want to check some of the so called facts as presented. Readers can find actual FACTS by using google to see these Headlines: 1) Wikileaks Documents Show WMD’s Found In Iraq 2) 62% want addressed unanswered questions about the bombing in Benghazi, and the Obama and Hillary LIES and COVERUP. Finally .... The blatant incorrect statements about the Bi Partisan budget deal passed 332-94 which is the 1st budget passed by democrats in 4 years is just a pure partisanship shameful fib by the author

Facts and the poster above have only a nodding acquaintance. So do check the facts, especially his. The headlines he so breathlessly posts routinely are invariably misleading. Case in point: the headline alleging that WMD's were found in Iraq. Well, yes and no. Clarifying that claim is this piece: "The WMD diehards will likely find some comfort in these newly-WikiLeaked documents. Skeptics will note that these relatively small WMD stockpiles were hardly the kind of grave danger that the Bush administration presented in the run-up to the war."

Nice job Bob.

Mr Jean your comments on the Iraq fiasco are on point but side step your other issue. Many people can point to any political party and find many faults. Should we be blaming Kennedy or Johnson with that Vietnam thing that had many more deaths and wounded??? The thing with Bengazi is very easy, Americans died!!! There were calls made months before this tragic event happened. These went unanswered. No one has been held accountable. As Americans we should expect better results from our government especially when there was loss of life! Assets can be moved, people could have been evacuated, etc. Nothing happened from the State Dept, just crickets. This we know. So that beckons the question that I think many people are thinking, what are the lessons learned so we can make sure that this type of tradegy never happens again. Until we find out these answers this kind of tradegy is just waiting to happen again. People need to ask, why. Until we find out we can't fix it, so politicians need to supply the answers instead of hiding the truth. That's what great about our form of government, we can ask those tough questions without threat of prison!!! The media isn't pushing for answers on this.

The panel headed by Adm Mullen and Ambassador Pickering dealt with the facts on the Benghazi attack in detail. The fact that some refuse to accept the findings of that panel has more to do with partisan politics than any sincere effort to get at the truth.

tee hee - that was a joke right? They did not even interview Hillary Clinton

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