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Letter: In New London, an unfortunate outcome

It is unfortunate to hear that the attorney general’s office will not charge former New London police chief David Seastrand with any crime. Officials reasoned there was insufficient evidence he was acting in his capacity as chief when the solicitations for sexual favors, or pictures, occurred. Yet this is overlooking the very first incident: the Colby-Sawyer student incident.

An agreement was reached between Seastrand and the attorney general’s office immediately after this incident to have him resign in exchange for no charges being filed against him for this particular incident. But what kind of irrational dealing is this? One might expect the attorney general’s office to call the selectmen, or the governor herself, and force Seastrand out if he chose not to willingly go on paid leave while the Colby-Sawyer allegation was looked into.

The AG’s office made two mistakes: First, it made this absurd deal. One would have thought the state would want the matter to play itself out. The state does not necessarily have to “deal” with a disobedient, or possibly criminal, employee anyway.

Second, one of the later allegations was that the chief offered to pay a speeding ticket in exchange for favors. This really does place Seastrand in a position as a working officer acting in “his personal capacity (as an officer),” contrary to what the state claims. How did he know the woman even had a ticket to begin with?

Further, he has a responsibility, as an officer, to uphold the integrity of any ticket, not to mention the integrity of the accused themselves! But this incident is only after the first, in which there is no question he was acting as a policeman.

The AG’s office’s negligence in these proceedings borders on the criminal.


New London

Legacy Comments1

Why doesn't the 4th estate go after the AG on this....We need a real press in this state who will do their jobs...anyone listening??? Too busy Boo Hooing about Ben leaving???? Anyone? Bueller?

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