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Letter: Hassan’s Medicaid plan is irresponsible

I would like to commend Sen. Jeanie Forrester for standing up to the political attacks in the recent Medicaid debate in the New Hampshire.

Gov. Maggie Hassan’s plan to throw another 50,000 New Hampshire workers into the Medicaid system without knowing when or if the federal government would leave taxpayers on the hook was irresponsible.

Remember “If you like your plan, you can keep it.” Three years ago a Republican Legislature passed managed care for Medicaid recipients, a program that would improve the health care for 150,000 New Hampshire citizens. That program still hasn’t been fully implemented. Now Hassan wants to put an additional 50,000 people into the system – totally irresponsible. The Republican Senate countered with a responsible compromise that would have helped low-income workers purchase private insurance, and protected New Hampshire taxpayers if Uncle Sam backed out of the deal.

Even as Obamacare is throwing millions of Americans off their preferred insurance plans, limiting choices as to which hospitals can provide services and increasing deductibles, Hassan and the Democrats are trying to get more and more people into government-run health care. That’s not going to do anything to make it more affordable, or improve the quality.

The Republican alternative leverages federal assistance to help people buy their own insurance and choose their own doctors. Further, it doesn’t create a never-ending entitlement we can’t afford.



Legacy Comments3

How pompous. The Fed's idea is Medicaid "expansion", which the definition of is apparently lost to both the NH Senate and the writer of this letter. The so-called plan put forth by the NH Senate simply reshuffled the deck of the existing numbers of those already on Medicaid without adding any more people to the program. "Expansion", go look that word up in the dictionary. Then in a political gambit a 3rd grader could see right through, they pointed their sleazy fingers at the Governor and blamed her for making them vote against this expansion. Political games and throwing low income people under the bus is surely something to be proud of, isn't it? Merry Christmas Mr. Simard, to you and your ever-vigilant GOPs.

PS: The republican plan still depends on the Federal Medicaid dollars. What's the difference? Why are you willing to risk the feds reneging on their promise to fund the republican plan, but not Hassan's?

The feds have never, ever reneged on its Medicaid obligations. I will also take exception to the term "government-run health care." Health care is provided by health care professionals. Health insurance may be provided by either private or government means. Unless the health care professionals work for the government (and they don't) Medicaid is NOT government-run health care.

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