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Letter: Perpetrating cruelty

It happens every year: Cattle suffer in the frigid cold of the Western states. In summer they suffer during the droughts. I have seen a mother cow vainly leading her calf along a dry hill with only dried-up sagebrush for food and no water in sight. I have seen the flat plains areas in which many of the cattle live; there is no relief like a hill or a tree for protection from the bitter winds and snow.

I have also seen the feedlots in which hundreds and even thousands of cattle may be brought to fatten up for market. They usually stand hock-high in mud and their own feces They are often “corn fed,” which is not their natural food.

I have seen tractor trailers carrying these creatures, exposed to all kinds of weather from the holes along the sides of the truck. The animals inside may be put in various layers, causing urine and excrement to fall on those below.

There is a callous attitude about these living, sentient creatures. No matter that eyes, ears, tails, etc. may literally freeze; as long as the wretched creature is upright, it can be sold for human consuming. “Downer” cows, unable to stand on their own due to illness, broken limbs, etc., may be scooped up in front-end loaders and trucked away to become pet food.

Do we really want to be part of a system that perpetuates this kind of cruelty? Humans do not need to eat beef. We can lessen the suffering of millions of farmed creatures by refusing to eat them.

Basic economics 101: If we do not buy the cut-up bodies of animals at the market, the numbers of animals suffering in severe weather will decrease. That would be a very good thing.



Legacy Comments1

I agree wholeheartedly Linda! That's why the centerpiece of our Christmas dinner table will not be a crown roast of beef, but rather a 4 lb rolled venison hindquarter roast. Cage-free, free-range, high-protein, low-fat, guilt-free, cruelty-free protein! The best meat on the planet, both in taste and nutrition!

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