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Letter: Mass. cars versus N.H. cars

I enjoyed the feature called “New Hampshire. Massachusetts. What’s the Diff?” (Sunday Monitor Forum, Dec. 22). But I do wish you had added to it the drawing of the cars with New Hampshire and Massachusetts plates. You used it many years ago with a story about Driving 101 for out-of-state college students. I remember the New Hampshire car was just a regular car, but the Massachusetts car had the back window full of cartons of cigarettes and bottles of alcoholic beverages. But mostly I remember the Massachusetts car showing lots of dents because in Boston, they drive faster when they see a yellow light, don’t yield to pedestrians, and don’t use their turn signals – because might give other drivers advance warning. (Giving info to the enemy?)



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That is a tough one. NH drivers always were far better than Massachusetts drivers. Of course now, so many have relocated here that it is difficult to tell where their driving history is grounded. There are three types of drivers who cause a hazard on the roadway. The first type would be the onces you mentioned, racing for the Massachusetts border. The next are these contractor types in the BIG Ram and Chevy V-8 trucks acting as if you are not even on the road, riding your bumper until you pull over. The third kind of driver endangering the roads are folks on roads like Route 28, driving 45 in a 55 zone and holding up a wolf pack of cars behind them. These are mainly NH natives who, in my opinion think that it is 1950 and there is no one else on the road.

Well I have to differ, I have been in NH since 1962 and it has been my experience that many Mass drivers have been given a bum rap. I commuted down Rt 93 for 12 years and in all that time the drivers that scared me most were ones with NH plates. Mass drivers may be aggressive but NH has more than it's share of idiots as was proven on the return leg of my commute back to NH. I have also never experienced a road rage incident with anyone who didn't have a NH plate. One caveat I will grant is that once you are below Merrimack there really is no difference between NH and Mass, our southern border has become very fuzzy.

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