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Report to Readers

Report to Readers: No more election letters!

The Monitor has received an unprecedented volume of letters to the editor in recent days, mostly because of the election. We've opened up extra space in the newspaper for letters, publishing scores of them over the past few weeks.

But if you didn't get yours in, I have this sad news to report: There is no more room in the newspaper for election-related mail before Tuesday. We won't be publishing endorsement letters or anti-endorsement letters on Tuesday morning. And at this hour, the Opinion pages through Monday are set. We are all full up. We're done. No more.
Well . . . except perhaps for these few. I've been editing letters and filling up the newspaper pages steadily. I had a scheme, a rhythm, a plan. In the end, though, I ended up editing a few more than we could fit into the newspaper. If you're just hankering for a few more political arguments, here you go:

Good answer
President Obama was reporting on storm Sandy on TV last Monday noon, when a reporter asked a question about the election. Obama said "The election will take care of itself; my concern now is the safety of the citizens along the East Coast." That is the kind of president I will vote for.

Romney is best
On Tuesday we will be voting for the next leader of our country. I believe you should vote for the person with the most moral views. Please, vote for someone who will protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I believe the best person to protect our rights and bring our country back to its former glory is Mitt Romney. Please, remember how important it is to vote, because every vote counts.

The only choice is District 7
In the race to represent District 7 in the New Hampshire Senate, Andrew Hosmer is the only choice.
He recognizes the challenges facing our health care system and will seek to reduce red tape, control costs and expand coverage to all our residents. He also understands the needs of our veterans and will do everything he can to ensure they have access to comprehensive medical and nursing facilities, including mental health care and disability and retirement benefits.
Hosmer also will fight efforts to undermine Medicare and Medicaid by turning them into black grants. These programs serve our most vulnerable citizens and we should oppose any plan to tamper with or undermine them.
I urge older adults and all voters in District 7 to support Hosmer on Tuesday.

N.H. irony
I was recently in your beautiful state, visiting family who had moved from our home state of Montana. Thank you for providing a memorable vacation for my family, complete with perfect weather, spectacular fall colors and incredibly friendly people! We truly enjoyed every minute of our time in New Hampshire.
I did notice a strange juxtaposition, however. Your license plates all state proudly "Live Free or Die," but under many of those plates were "Obama 2012" bumper stickers. Does nobody else see the irony in this? To my knowledge, the more socialistic the government, the fewer freedoms we have.
Have you all really given up on your excellent state motto? That's too bad. I really love it.
Bozeman, Mont.

Leonard for Senate
In the state Senate race in District 6 the only choice is Rich Leonard.
Leonard is a smart, hard-working, decent man with a multitude of life experience. He is a farmer, businessman and employee. He has served his county on the Cooperative Extension Service. Through his work and family he has seen the health care system up close and understands it well. Even the Foster's Daily Democrat editorial board, usually no friend of Democrats, has endorsed his candidacy, noting that Leonard's opponent Sam Cataldo "left us scratching our heads and frustrated." They know that a Cataldo win would continue the Teabagger/Free Stater destructive march through our state with fewer services, higher property taxes and more intrusion into our personal lives. They urge you to vote for Leonard to send a "citizen legislator" to the State House, and I do also.
Gilmanton Iron Works

Throw 'em out
The system is broken, and the voters are now overdue in throwing the rascals out.
In Washington, the Republicans had only one objective in mind, which was to make Barack Obama a one-term president. That translated into the non-actions of the House of Representatives whereby they opposed any of the president's proposals to improve the economy. Mind you, the nation's population was caused to suffer longer than need be all in order for the electorate to be unhappy with the president's "non-performance" and vote for the other guy on Nov. 6.
Those rascals are overdue for being thrown out.
In Concord it is a different, but also worthwhile, reason for turning the rascals out. The New Hampshire Legislature became the juicy fodder for all the late-night TV comedians to poke fun at the latest stupid - and hilarious - action that the majority party had performed by following its leader, Speaker Bill O'Brien. One can only be reminded of the song "Bring In The Clowns."
The New Hampshire Legislature is even more evidence that the rascals deserve to be thrown out.
Alton Bay

We've been hoodwinked
Here's an exercise for homeowners: Take your property tax amount and divide it by the taxable income from your 2011 federal tax return. The result is a starting point for calculating your state and local tax rate.
For example, a homeowner paying $4,500 in annual property taxes with taxable income of $45,000 has a starting tax rate of 10 percent. Additional taxes such as auto tax, meals tax, phone bill tax, etc. would add perhaps two to three percentage points, making the above homeowner's total tax rate about 12 percent.
Many of us pay among the highest tax rates in the country while we celebrate the so-called New Hampshire "Advantage" because it results in low taxes for some people. An election flyer I received recently stated that "New Hampshire families can't afford a 5 percent income tax."
With any income tax many families and people on fixed incomes would pay less in overall state and local taxes. What does it even mean to say that a family can't afford to pay lower taxes, or to have a fair tax rate?
We've been hoodwinked in New Hampshire to accept that any broad-based tax is inherently bad, so we won't even listen to proposals that would help many of us. An odd product of the last Legislature is a proposed amendment that, if passed, would have the key consequence that in New Hampshire those least able to pay will always have the highest tax rates. Please vote No on the proposed tax amendment.

Good talk with Bass
Congressman Charlie Bass stopped by the University of New Hampshire School of Law and had the type of conversation all citizens would like to be a part of with their member of Congress.
Much of the candor and open dialogue was due to a blackout on the media. Bass's ability to listen to and ask appropriate questions of students whose political ideologies range from the extremes to the moderates was incredible.
I was most impressed by how he said a short work week in Congress has led to one of the most polarized Congresses in history. Several ideas were tossed around, but I'd like to challenge the Nov. 6 winner to learning the names and faces of all 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Hands off my signs!
This is the third time my campaign yard sign has been stolen. Why should I listen to your opinion, if your party will not respect mine? Congressional discord is often discussed as a problem, but why should members of Congress respect each other's opinions if their campaign workers will not accord that basic courtesy to their fellow citizens?
The citizens need to send a message to Washington to enhance cooperation and lead by example with mutual respect. Perhaps then, they will take the message seriously.
Democratic campaign workers, please impress on the low-brows in your ranks that stealing other people's yard signs is not only illegal but also disrespectful and brings further disgrace to your party.
Want other people to listen to your opinion? Want your opinion respected? Please respect the opinions of others.

Bush on steroids
Middle class families' income has steadily dropped for 30 years. During that time, the income of the top 2 percent of wealth holders has increased enormously.
America bought into trickle-down economics. Politicians wrote laws that gave the very rich the biggest benefits (to build their global companies, they got government welfare ). George W. Bush made it worse by giving even bigger tax breaks to the wealthiest. That and stock market deregulation caused a worldwide economic crash.
Over the past four years middle-income earners lost jobs and homes. But the wealthiest, incredibly, gained.
Mitt Romney is Bush on steroids. He has said he will give the top 2 percent greater tax cuts and will privatize Social Security, Medicare and education. He has implied that "growing up" means making yourself money. The rest of us are freeloaders. "It's not my job to worry about those people," he said. He and conservatives believe "corporations are people." If they are given the ability to give corporate America more power than it already has, at some point we will lose our power to take it back.

Obama is committed to job creations
Certainly Mitt Romney was successful at Bain Capital. The key question is whether the principles and objectives guiding Bain Capital would serve the nation as a whole. Bain's primary objective is to maximize profits for investors, but this doesn't necessarily mean creating jobs. Increased profits could just as easily mean cutting jobs or shipping them overseas.
President Obama's primary objective has been to create American jobs that contribute to the health, stability and success of the nation. The last three years of the George W. Bush administration saw us slide from net job creation to losing over 800,000 jobs per month. In a year the Obama administration had brought us back up to net job creation. Stimulus investments included infrastructure, education, health, and energy independence.
Romney considers this mismanagement rather than success. To illustrate his claim he says $91 billion went to wind and solar companies, and "almost half" went bankrupt. Sources from fact check organizations to the Wall Street Journal have repeatedly offered the real numbers: $21 billion to wind and solar companies, and a bankruptcy rate of 6 percent. (Compare that to 77 companies invested in by Bain under Romney's leadership, with 22 percent bankrupt or closed.)
Romney achieved substantial success in creating short-term profit for a select group of investors. Obama has demonstrated commitment and success in creating jobs that benefit the nation, include a broad population and improve our future. Obama's set of objectives and experience better serves America and its people.

Court jester
Jesters were popular in Medieval times when women were viewed as possessions, the earth was considered flat and those with wealth ruled the land. A jester could please almost any crowd. Captive audiences smiled and nodded their heads in delight as the colorful distraction played out before them snaring them into a web of united devotion. Working different crowds in different towns at different times, this chameleon routinely changed his costumes, positions and facial expressions in an all-out attempt to leave each audience wanting for more.
A modern day jester now roams our country's byways looking not only to please crowds but, more important, to win the highest office in the land. Mid-evil Mitt is a man of many faces, known for his story telling, dancing deftly around questions of merit and balancing himself on tight ropes of reason. He is an arrogant man with much to say, but little that is worth listening to. Playing the role that he does gives him license to say anything he wants to without regard to the truth. His goal is to please the crowd before him leaving only his name, not his word, behind.
Slogans from this charlatan sell. Hidden truths and unanswered questions may play well as sound bites, but the Tea Party will come at a cost. The cuts will be deep and price to be paid will be high, particularly for those who are least able to afford it.

Youssef helped me
There have been many attacks on the character of Josh Youseff recently. There are not many people left in this world that will extend a hand to someone, barely an acquaintance, without any equivocation, expectation, or regard for the turmoils and labors of their own lives.
I have fought a long, drawn-out legal battle for custody of my beautiful daughter, just 8 years old. I have held my own, pro-se, against one of the most brutal attorneys in the state and an extremely biased family court to maintain normal relations with my daughter amid false allegations to law enforcement, school officials and the public in general. This battle I have fought alone for five years. It has consumed me. Yet I am proud and stood alone.
Upon hearing that I was fighting to keep my two daughters together with me here in New Hampshire, Youssef contacted me. He offered to look through the volumes of legal briefs and offer his advice, so I could keep my family together - and mostly to let me know that I was not alone. All this while he was in the in the midst of deciding to run for state Senate.
That is character, and that is how he will represent you.

Forrester has earned re-election
Sen. Jeanie Forrester has been a tireless advocate for the citizens of her large district.
Two years ago when she assumed office, Forrester took the time to meet with me and other county representatives, arranging tours of all our facilities and educating herself on the many responsibilities and challenges we face. She did this in Grafton and Merrimack counties too.
Forrester immediately demonstrated a willingness to reach out on legislative matters to those who would be affected by them. She thoroughly researches every bill she votes on. She seeks input from anyone who has information or experience in the matter under consideration, regardless of party affiliation.
Forrester understands the needs and demands of the communities she represents because she has lived and worked in those communities. She has substantial business and political experience, as well as with non-profit groups such as the Meredith Main Street Program. And in an atmosphere of rancor which has severely tainted the State House over the past couple of years, Forrester is always willing to listen, calm, respectful toward others, and professional.
I strongly urge the voters of Senate District 2 to vote for Forrester on Tuesday.

(The writer is the Belknap County sheriff.)

Grateful for Forrester
I am writing in support of state Sen. Jeanie Forrester. I am appalled at the negative letters, ads and mail that I have seen about her, the mis-use of facts and the out-and-out lies!
When Forrester took office, the state had an $800 million-plus deficit.
The Democrats were very good at spending and even raising taxes - rooms and meals, campgrounds and LLC - as well as trying to rob the malpractice fund created by hospitals and doctors to reduce insurance cost which ultimately results in lower costs to the patient. Forrester and the other legislators were faced with major problems and had to make tough choices because of the years of overspending and taxing approved by our Democratic governor.
Some things had to be cut in the interest of keeping within our budget. The Democrats always claim to have more compassion, but they never seem to have any compassion for the working people, the taxpayers. When the people working for the government and those receiving assistance outnumber the people paying taxes the system will collapse.
I am a small contractor doing site work and repairs and remodeling to homes. I have seen what has happened to people's incomes and lives with this bad economy. Fortunately New Hampshire elected good people in 2010 and our state won't go bankrupt!
I will vote for Forrester Tuesday. I am grateful for the work she has done for our state and hope you will vote for her also.

Political thoughts
As a dedicated reader of the Concord Monitor, other than scanning the Sports page to see who is up or down in the tennis world, one of my biggest highlights is going through the letters to the editor to see what the average Joe has on his or her mind.
I am not new to this and have been printed a few times myself. The Monitor tends to print whatever is interesting without political bias, and that is truly to be commended.
During these political times, people are talking about one local candidate who is being derided because she doesn't pay taxes for the home she lives in - but she doesn't own that home. Doesn't that make this statement a lie?
In the national arena, I saw a president who did everything in his power to move this country forward - not for certain individuals but for everybody. What I also saw was a Republican Congress that did everything it could to prevent that from happening.
Are we better off than we were four years ago? Everyone knows the answer is yes. But imagine how much further we would have been if the Republicans had swallowed a little pride for the sake of our great nation.

Hosmer is fighting assaults on health-care system
We are writing in support of Andrew Hosmer, Senate candidate for District 7 (Andover, Belmont, Boscawen, Canterbury, Franklin, Gilford, Laconia, Northfield, Salisbury, and Webster). We have been proud of Hosmer's support of important institutions in his district, including Lakes Region General Hospital, Franklin Regional Hospital and Holy Trinity School.
Hosmer understands that hospitals are the lifeblood of our communities. They offer an entry point to medical care for all patients, and especially for those patients with limited or no resources. A strong hospital system improves the health of our residents and workforce. Hosmer is already working on problems affecting the long-term viability of our hospitals, such as improving Medicare and Medicaid payments from Washington. He is working to eliminate the Medicaid Enhancement tax from Concord that has cost our local system over $8 million in one year! As an employer, he knows that we pay some of the highest health insurance premiums in the country.
All of these assaults on the health-care system make us all vulnerable. Look at what has happened in the arena of mental health care and home health care in our state. Hospitals will close, shutting down access to care and jobs for our local economy. Hosmer will fight for these institutions so vital to our community. We have seen him doing it right now.
Gilford and Sanbornton

Political shape shifter
They say that a man who stands for everything stands for nothing. Let me introduce you to Mitt Romney. All politicians change their stand on many different issues such as tax rates and foreign policy, but few politicians have changed their belief on core issues as completely as Romney.
In his Senate race against Ted Kennedy, Romney was pro-gay, pro gun control and pro-choice. Today running against President Obama, Romney is pro-life, pro-Second amendment and anti-gay marriage. Like few before him Romney is a political shape shifter, changing his message and himself to fit his opponent. Men of character can change their opinion on issues, even major issues. But men of character should not change their minds to accommodate the moment. Romney does not have the character necessary to be president. Obama does.

Anonymous donation
Last Friday afternoon several of us arrived early for the rally to support women's issue in Wolfeboro. A man who was walking his chocolate Lab stopped to ask what we were doing and to read our signs. We were a little taken back when he asked if we could take donations. In unison we said sure we can get it to the Democratic Party.
The man graciously said, no, he wanted the money to go to the president. I said, okay, I would go online to make the donation for him, still not really knowing if I should take him seriously. He reached for his wallet and pulled out a crisp $100 bill, handed it to me, and asked me to get it to the president. I asked him for his name so I could make the donation in his name and he declined. As he walked away I knew my mouth was still open, as I wondered how to thank such a thoughtful, generous man who liked the sign I held: "Real men fight for equality, vote Obama."
I thank this man for renewing my faith in humanity and for his donation.

Legacy Comments2

Believe it or not, we received another 37 election letters today (so far). We are out of space! And time! Really!

Say it ain't so! No more political letters? What will 1/2 the population do now? It's a long 4 years till the next circus comes to town. Thank you!

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