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Letter: Hogwash? Not so fast!

In his March 20 letter to the Monitor, “Scaring seniors,” John Keusch “assures” readers that an advertisement on WMUR, with women complaining of losing their insurance because of Obamacare, was “garbage” and “absolute hogwash”! Pardon my skepticism. This senior doesn’t feel frightened at all, but I question the writer’s claim of “assurance.” One wonders why we should believe in his “assurance” when he admits he knows nothing at all about the circumstances in question?



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Because, in general, claims like these don't stand up to scrutiny. I invite the people who made these commercials to offer proof that these womens' primary insurance was lost, due to Obamacare, and not due to their own choices. One of them even said it was their "supplemental" plan that was cancelled. That, and her aparent age, leads me to believe that she is a Medicare recipient, so her primary insurance is just fine.

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