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Letter: A telling endorsement

As if I ever needed another reason to vote against Scott “Brownbagger” Brown for the New Hampshire Senate seat, the recent endorsement by Sen. Kelly Ayotte alone would qualify.

With the additional support of clueless Craig Benson, the only thing missing for a perfect trifecta of disaster is an endorsement by King George W. Bush himself.

Brown needs to understand that New Hampshire voters are not going to buy in to his folksy truck-and-barn-coat tour.

No matter how you look at him, he is and always will be a lockstep Massachusetts good ’ol boy who’ll contribute to nothing but current gridlock politics. Suddenly, Jeanne Shaheen is looking better, huh?



Legacy Comments19

The Party Of No! We will pass the ACA even if 60% of the folks are against it. No need for input from the right, we are in charge now, but you can sit in the back of the bus. We have to pass this bill to see what is in it. Now that it is passed, we have to delay this bill, because now that we found out was in it, folks are not happy. We want to sit down with the Reps, you know those evil people that want dirty air, lousy schools and hate women. President Obama does not lie, what he says is taken out of context. And my favorite, the only reason folks are against President Obama is because he is black.

Brown for sure is not the best choice, but if he gets the Republican nomination he will get my vote....Shaheen has to go. She has voted against Veterans and because of her vote we have to travel to Hanover for medical care, when we have been using Concord Hospital for as long as I can remember.

SgtRock? As in, "Sgt Rock and Our Army at War"...budda-budda-budda, and Blam! Blam! Blam!, of DC comics fame? Used to spend some of my paper route money on Sgt Rock comic books. How the hell ya been?! Must mean "The Haunted Tank" can't be far behind...clankety-clankety-clankety.

Would you explain that please?

My best guess is the reason SgtRock has to travel to Hanover is because he/she he/she now has a health insurance plan through the exchange, and Concord Hospital is no longer a provider for those insurance plans. He/she blames Shaheen for this because she voted for the ACA. Because we know that this first-year shortcoming is representative of the whole ACA, right? Fortunately for SgtRock, more providers will be coming on to the exchange next year, and he/she can switch policies if desired, in October.

Still don't understand why a veteran has to go to Hanover because of a vote by Shaheen.

As one Vet to another. Lets look at the Republican party they send you to war but they don't want to pay to fix us after we do there dirty work. They are the ones who slash the VA budget everytime. Thats why the system fails. The vets need to become our own party. I will vote for Jean she always votes to increase the VA benefits.

Disgaree zack. The VA Budget has tripled in the last ten years. We no longer buy the myth that if any dept requests a certain amount of funds, and does not get it, it is slashing. Look at the funding for VA. Look at the numbers. The VA has a huge issue with how they manage their funds. They would shut down a rehab pool at VA Hospital so the employees could get a bonus, and I am talking about millions of dollars. The VA is beyond incompetent and corrupt. It is now criminal. There have been many scandals with the VA and the folks who are involved in those scandals get rewarded, not fired. They get good reviews and bonus. Nobody holds them accountable, the top folks are the most corrupt. The nurses and the doctors do not rat them out for fear they will get fired. I have family that work in the VA and I have been in the military, so I know a bit about the VA. Waste, corruption and horrible treatment of our vets. Just like most govt depts. They have no competition and no oversight. That is how govt runs. You cannot keep blaming funding on bad govt performance. Same here state wise. Waste and fraud.

the only way to stop the democrats gridlock of Washington is to vote them out. Next time you see Shaheen - Ask her how may times she and her ILK have passed a budget that NObama has signed.

Why don't you ask her next time you have "face time" with her in an airport?

I know the answer - do you?. Just did a demonstration project for her not to long ago. I know her on a 1st name basis - Even have graced the pages of this rag with her in another demonstration we did for her - Got it framed on my wall. Just was down in her office in DC last month - How about you?

Nope, BPR, don't know any politicians on a first name basis and I don't want to. I am not the kind of person who likes to brag about the people I know and then bad mouth them at home..

So, Ron, how did you feel about Hillary carpetbagging it to New York so she could get elected to the Senate?

LOL...now I've heard it all...accusing Brown of being a lockstep..when Shaheen votes with her party just shy of 100% of the time...But as I always have said....democrats do not want to chance having anyone else in Washington that does not vote near 100% of the time with their party..ergo..Jeanne the rubber stamp machine. Thanks for the laugh

Tell us, dear GW, what fraction of that "just shy of 100%" of Sen. Shaheen's votes were futile attempts to end Republican filibusters?

Guess you never read about democrats ending the long standing Senate tradition and democrats used the nuclear option to end filibusters on appointments

How long has that been in force? Only the last few months, right?

It's called getting around the PARTY OF NO, "If Obama is for it, then we are against it." To obstruct him at every turn they can!

IT IS NOT OBSTRUCTION!! It is called separation of powers but moreover, just because Obama was elected President, he does not have a blank check to push through anything that he wants.

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