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Democrats hammer Brown on outsourcing

The outsourcing of jobs emerged as a hot topic yesterday following a report last week that linked U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown to a company that has sent jobs abroad.

Democrats hammered Brown yesterday over the report, published in the Telegraph, that Brown earned $270,000 from a Massachusetts company that has outsourced jobs to China and Mexico.

In February 2013, Brown joined the board of directors for the pulp and paper supplier company Kadant Inc. The company has four manufacturing operations in the United States and 14 abroad, which in part allowed it to avoid paying millions of dollars in income taxes, according to the article published online Friday. Kadant officials told the Telegraph that relocating the jobs overseas helped “boost domestic jobs.”

During a call yesterday organized by U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s campaign, George Bald, a former commissioner of the state’s Department of Resources and Economic Development, said he was disappointed to learn “Kadant’s focus really is not on creating jobs in New Hampshire or in this country.”

Bald, who was appointed commissioner in 1998 by then-Gov. Shaheen, said she has achieved significant accomplishments in creating jobs. “As far as what Mr. Brown has done for the state of New Hampshire, it is a blank sheet of paper,” he added.

The state Republican Party countered that Shaheen had a hand in outsourcing. While governor, she and the Executive Council approved a state contract that ultimately led to outsourced jobs, according to the Telegraph.

During the call yesterday, state Sen. Bette Lasky, a Nashua Democrat, said the comparison between Brown and Shaheen on outsourcing was apples to oranges and that Republicans were “reaching to find something that equates.”

In a statement yesterday, state Republican Party Chairwoman Jennifer Horn called on Shaheen to return campaign contributions from companies that outsource.

“If Jeanne Shaheen is actually upset with companies that outsource jobs, she should put her money where her mouth is,” she said. “If she doesn’t return the money, Shaheen will prove that she is a phony Washington politician.”

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Legacy Comments44

There are a lot of companies that outsource, Microsoft, Apple, Drug Companies etc. There are also a lot of Pols that invest in these companies Dem and Rep. Yet we never hear outrage when Dem Pols invest in overseas companies. Another case of outrage being directed at one party. Basically, folks do not do their homework. Yet when facts are submitted, they just ignore the message and go after the messenger. As long as business is the enemy of the left and they look to gov to control business, the market place will do what it can to move their business elsewhere. When that happens, there will be less jobs and less revenue coming to the USA.

Burger King's move absolutely positively PROVES the Laffer Curve is right. When you tax too much of it you get less of it. Must be embarrassing to many of the LIDV's here

I suggest you folks read up on the Burger King/Tim Horton Deal. Guess who will be making big bucks off that? George Soros.

And I will never buy anything from BK ever again

Have you been a regular customer at BK up to now, gsec92?

Every now and again I would go in for a whopper, especially when it was right next to the college I was attending.

When was that? 1970? LOL? That was one thing in your life that you could "Have it your way".

LOL I was only 10 then. My parents couldn't even afford to take me to McD's, and they were cheaper! those were years I had to drink Gov't surplus powdered milk, Spam, peanut butter so hard it could break teeth. My parents brought just enough home for us to survive, and there were times I went without eating lunch because there wasn't enough money to go around, especially for school hot lunch.

We all grew up with very little as children. Peanut butter every day for school, Welsh rarebit for dinner once a week, vegetable stew. My parents worked, both of them and to get the extras my dad worked two to four jobs. Hot lunch? Never had it.

you know, that welsh rarebit was one of the school hot lunches I really enjoyed, when I could get it!

"...lemme tell ya a lil story 'bout a guy who never had a chance..."

gsec92, they will be relieved. If your attitude going into BK is anything like you attitude on here the must cringe when they see you coming.

This is a great case of the pot calling the kettle black. I for one have never been as vehement on here as you and your ilk. I cant help it you refuse to accept the truth and only lies. One other thing, at least when I get proven wrong with valid facts that counter mine, unlike you, I have admitted it. Have a nice day!

I have not seen many admissions, nearly all of your facts are massaged or incorrect.

Always gave to source of my facts, or would say something the effect "in my opinion". That is the way I have always been in this forum.

silly boy Burger King is owned by a Brazilian Hedge Fund and you bought from them but now you buy from a Canadian fund ? a true LIDV through and through

So do you buy any Nestle products? Be careful now or your Pinocchio nose just may start growing. And how many time do I have to tell you, you are so far off left field insinuating I'm a liberal because I don't agree with your low IQ Faux News watcher you LIRV. Have a great day

If BPR's Pinocchio nose grows he would be competing with you so I think he is being careful. Now Hospira is in talks to buy Danone, which owns Stonyfield Farms. Why is no one complaining about the Hirschberg greedy sale to Danone? Tax dollars going overseas? Oh, I forgot rich progressives are OK.

Nice try Itsa, Your nose is almost as long as his/hers when it comes to stating "facts".

I think of you when the Pinnochio commercial comes on the television. "I see great potential in this room, you have potential and you have potential.....oh no"

You really shouldn't be looking in the mirror when this commercial airs. lol

Now that is a lame response. Honestly, this country is in deep trouble thanks to folks like yourself. Perhaps you should wake up and realize that.

The democrat's policies cause business to leave this country with out of control regulations and taxes. You can't fault Scott Brown for making a living, and if the company does what is best for its stockholders, good for it. Mean old capitalists: How many of you have your retirement accounts invested in capitalist companies? Don't you want the best return on your investments? Anyone who takes pot shots at Scott Brown over this is either on welfare or has a government pension.

the nation’s oldest criminal racket……….The Democrats…….. are a party of unions, government workers, retirees, green industries, “entitlement” payees, professors, teachers and social-change activists …….all of whom require government payments in one form or another.

Such patriotism. Me first, country be dammed.

another LIDV comment - silly girl - a Brazilian Hedge fund owns Burger King

So what? Where were they making their money and selling their hamburgers to?

what a LIDV question - the sell world wide

thecrank- Would those out of control regulations you mention be the ones that were written because companies were dumping chemicals in the rivers, backyard pits or oceans. Nothing wrong with making a fair profit, we all need money to function. The difference is where one draws the line at what is a fair way to make a fair profit, should one’s personal greed be allowed to pollute a river just so they can stick an extra buck in their pocket. These regulations were not thought up out of the blue, they came to be because companies were proving they would do anything to save a buck. Just try to be honest for a moment and think where this country would be without those damn regulations....Ps - I'm not on welfare nor have ever worked a government job.

Jim, that's a crock and you know it. The question we now face is how clean can this country afford? No one is advocating going back to polluted rivers and air. The problem is now over reach by EPA, aided, abetted and cheered on by a bunch of misguided zealots who want to drag this country down.

It is not a crock and you know it. Republicans want to eliminate the EPA altogether. How long do you think it would be before the Merrimack is polluted again with no over sight. You and yours are the ones bringing this beautiful country down back to the dark ages of robber barons and 80 hr weeks for workers. Been there, done that, don't want to do it again.

You nailed it, we are meeting secretly and have been planning all of the ways we can pollute the Merrimack. I think that if we can repeal all labor laws we can force children to work 80 hours and have them empty oil and garbage into the river. Then we can give all of the money made to the top 1%. Yes, that is the secret, well not so secret now that you let it out, agenda of all Republicans. You know that we all think alike and are like robots marching to the beat of greed, right?

Itsa,confession is good for the soul. Do you feel better now?

Very few want to eliminate it, but it does need a major overhaul. It's mission creep is amounting to a huge land grab and the dissolution of individual property rights. Tille, lay of the Kool-Aide. We're concerned for your health!

They all want to eliminate it. Remember the three depts. Rick Perry couldn't remember. Thanks for your concern but maybe you should just stick to lemonade yourself.

Polls show Shaheen is plummeting so out comes the MOB SQUAD. As I predicted months ago the Shaheen Campaign WAR CHEST is open and tasked to slime, degrade, demean and push falsehoods. That is how democrats operate. Democrats playbook is a really awful way to run for government. It must be God awful to be a democrat.

It must be God awful to be around you.

and yet you stalk me - how funny

She is stalking me as well

if you have ever heard of practicing what you preach, well, Tillie is all about preaching what she never practices.

Ah, the paranoia is contagious.

Look who is talking. I feel for Mr Tillie or Mr. "S". Are you a fashion bug?

You and your friends here can throw around the word "stalking:" all you like but I know what stalking is. I make guesses here on who certain people are from things they have posted and things others have said on here that might know. I have erred before but I have never gone beyond things people have hinted about themselves. I kill time on here and really don't care who you, LF, BPR etc really are. It is not important to me. To try to find out something about you in other ways just because I don't agree with your politics would be unethical and possible illegal. And I hope you feel the same.

what has LF hinted about herself?

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